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VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg Confronted in East Palestine Over Late Response

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After almost three weeks, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg arrived in East Palestine to investigate the disastrous railway disaster that occurred prior to the deliberate catastrophic chemical explosion over the little rural Ohio community. While he was there, he seized the chance to misrepresent himself and Joe Biden’s terrible government in front of the cameras.

A month ago, Buttigieg was chastised for responding slowly and ineffectively to an airline crisis.

“There was a glitch in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) system Wednesday, leading to thousands of flight delays across the United States. Transportation Secretary and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg says it is up to his department to clean things up,” WIBC reported on 11 January, adding:

“When there’s a problem with a government system, we’re going to own it, we’re going to find it, and we’re going to fix it,” said Buttigieg shortly after the system was fully restored and travel resumed its normal operations.

Yet, he has left Ohioans wondering what chemical was burnt and released into the state’s land, water, and air.
Buttigieg, who is famed for taking paternity leave to ‘breast feed’ his adopted kid, was enjoying ‘personal time’ for a stroll earlier in the week when he was approached by an independent journalist who asked him about his trip to the Ohio hamlet where residents were clamoring for answers.

Jennie Taer, who taped a conversation with a Biden representative, asked Buttigieg when he would visit Ohio to inspect the air and water quality following a “controlled burn.”

According to news accounts, “Buttigieg saw the car that had been carrying butyl acrylate, a compound that was likely the cause of a foul smell that hung over East Palestine in the days following the derailment, as well as a car that had been carrying ethylhexyl acrylate.”

To the dismay of the town’s residents, however, there has been no inquiry into the nature of the unknown substances that were burnt.

Three weeks had passed since the train accident, and Buttigieg, a former mayor who takes pride in his emergency response to small communities, was taking his sweet time traveling to the region to assist.

Buttigieg refuses to answer any questions about how he intends to fulfill his responsibilities to the American people in the video. The video of this interaction went viral, and the American public was outraged by his apparent disregard for labor.

“I asked Secretary Buttigieg about the crisis in East Palestine and I guess he didn’t like that so he took a pic of me. Im just doing my job, sir, “Taer reported, tagging the Daily Caller.

That seems to have been enough to pressure the reluctant civil servant to get out to the job site sooner than he planned. So on Thursday, Buttigieg finally appeared on the ground in Ohio. CONTINUE READING…

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