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Warnock Caught RED HANDED Stealing Runoff Election From Walker

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A well-trained campaign worker for Democratic Senator Warnock’s campaign in Georgia was phone banking over the weekend to persuade people to vote in the impending run-off election when he or she reached an educated Black conservative, the precise type of person they cannot deal with. He recorded the exchange on camera and uploaded it to social media.

During the telephone chat, Dom Lucre provided a staunch defense of his conservative values, which so unnerved the older woman that she abruptly ended the call. However, she persisted for seven minutes attempting to make her arguments about equity and how awful she finds Republicans.

Lucre answered to the woman after she introduced herself and the purpose of her call by stating, “I was just wondering, you know because you never had the opportunity to live in Georgia. I did, I lived in Georgia for three, well, most of my life but I lived in Atlanta for four years and Atlanta is considered the mecca of Georgia.

That’s the epitome of wealth in Georgia and I can tell you Atlanta is the only city I’ve seen where the richest areas and in the richest gas stations you see people getting robbed and kidnapped, Etc. In downtown, there are constant shootings and everything, and it’s crazy.”

The campaign worker said that all of these issues stemmed from the’red’ rule of the city.

Lucre responds, “No, I hear you. I saw the people that were leadership down there. And I know if the leadership was red the people that grew it would claim the red voters. But since blue has been in charge of Atlanta for so long, the murder rate has increased. The infrastructure is horrible. The traffic is getting worse. I mean it is literally like one of the human trafficking hubs women out there are afraid of white vans children are selling dope. And Hip Hop is a culture and it is a disparity of wealth. Because when you think of rich in Atlanta, I think of a black person. I mean, those are the people in the Lamborghinis. Those are the people in Rolls Royces so I don’t really see much disparity there. I just see a lot of bad choices.

There is a large amount of control of dark money and politics is not red, it comes from the Democrats. You’ll say it’s dark money because the funders are private but Democrats are funded by the big Pharma, who created the FDA?”

The woman stated that Republicans spread false information through the media.

Lucre said, “Yeah. And I hear that and it sounds good, but when I look at all the social media and I look at major media, I look at all the college’s universities, all the representation Netflix Hulu and less stuff is Republican. So I don’t understand where the power is if they don’t have representation.

Republicans only have Fox News. How is that compared to Facebook and Instagram, CNN, and BET Meta.

I mean hip-hop if you were in hip-hop you can’t even put on red hat and still be on the board. Like you can’t even be a Republican and represent yourself. You can’t, if you are a celebrity and you claim you’re a Republican, you get black bar now; how was that for you? “

The campaign staffer requested that he listen to a Warnock-related podcast.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“Yeah, I’ll listen to your podcast if you look at the Candice show or look at the or read a book blackout, you know, I have no problem watching your content, but could you watch hours as well?

If it’s mutual, I’ll do it. I’ve no problem in looking at different opinions because I also am very critical of the Republican Party. They are not perfect. They have a lot of flaws.

But the thing is Democrats would never say that about their own party, and that’s what’s cussed me about it, but I do Yeah, they do.” CONTINUE READING…

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