WATCH: Bannon Just Showed Up at Federal Court And Drops NUKES

Steve Bannon attended court on Wednesday wearing a black shirt, black jacket, and grey pants while boldly passing a lone protester holding a poster that said ‘Failed Coup.’

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As he stopped to make some remarks, media began to slowly assemble.

Get ready for what he said, for the ‘Left’s anti-American narrative’ is going to require some ice for the nukes that Bannon dropped today – because it is undeniable that what Bannon set in motion years ago is now coming into focus and causing his opponents pain.

Off-screen, a man with a loud New York accent can be heard asking, “Bannon, how are ya?” as a few members of the press yelled at him somewhat disinterestedly. Bannon calmly turned to the man and asked, “good morning everyone, everything ok?”

Then he approached a predetermined microphone and began into a famous Bannon diatribe on the state of the Marxist revolution, criticizing it and its actors for their numerous failures to gain the favor of the American people.

“Look, I want to thank the J6 Committee hearing for casting me today because you know why? Their ratings stink, and they can not compete with the trial of Bannon. Ok? That is why they cast me today,” Bannon remarked, just revving up to begin his vitriol-spewing.

“Do you know who said that? The people in the Rio Grande Valley, the Hispanic Americans who blew out the Democrat Party last night. Just as I have been saying, they won a Congressional seat. By 84%, a mostly Hispanic community elected a Republican in a seat that has been Democrat since Reconstruction-since the Civil War. And they lost last night because of the Democrat Party,” Bannon remarked, referring to the disastrous loss of a valuable Democrat voter base to the Republican Mayra Flores.

In the past two years, Bannon has focused the majority of his War Room efforts on switching this region from Democratic control in Texas along the southern border.

His War Room efforts come after years of focus on Cartel Crimes and injustices during his service as Chairman of Breitbart News. When at Breitbart, Bannon would often slam the out-of-control elite in Washington DC who have allowed a border invasion.

Bannon’s focus on the Southern Border invasion, as a national security issue is legendary- while the rest of DC sits around and tries to pour water on the fiery Bannon, and does nothing to help Americans.

So a victory dance for Bannon and his teams, over historic shifts in Hispanic voting patterns, was in order.

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Bannon took the opportunity of being dragged through court, when the left thought they would humiliate him, to remind people of the massive Populist victory- which was ignited and stoked by him but caused by the foundation of the failures of the radical far left- and their Marxist revolution.

Because Americans don’t like that Marxist Revolution, even in the Rio Grande Valley- check it out:

Bannon, in his comments, brought up firebrand Jim Marchant, who won on Wednesday as well, which will enflame his opponents even further.

The left was miserable over it.

Bannon continued:

“Also last night Jim Marchant, the head of the coalition, had a blowout primary win and MAGA is on the march. The J6 Committee hearing is totally irrelevant. OK? Totally irrelevant and their grading stinks, they could not even compare to us,” Bannon said.

The same man with the heavy New York accent interrupted Bannon with a semi-haughty laugh- and said, “Mr. Bannon (ha), how are ya? Wha..”

Bannon reached over, shook the guy’s hand, and said, ‘Good, how are you?”

The haughty reporter replied, “(ha) Good, good to see you. Can I ask what your goal is here? Do you see the United States as being an autocrat-type MAGA rule?”

Bannon responded, “Ok here is a perfect example. Look what happened last night in the Rio Grande Valley, this is an 84% Hispanic district. It is the second most Hispanic district in the United States of America and we won in a blow-out. It is not even going into a runoff. We are on the rise. Democratically and we are going to win at the ballot box and we are going to have a blow out. We are going to have a one hundred seat pick up this November. Count on it,” Bannon said.

The reporter replied, “But in terms of rule, the ruling government…”

Bannon interrupted, “this by Democracy. We believe in the ballot box. We want fair and free and transparent elections and we are winning. We are going to get 55-60% of the Hispanic vote this November and we are going to get 50% of the African American male vote this November and we are going to get between 80 and 100 seat in the House of Representatives. We are going to win the Senate and win the school boards and throw out these Soros-backed DAs and win legislature and win all of the Secretary of States that are running. We are going to win the Governorships that are running. This is going to be a massive blowout like 1932,” Bannon said, invoking the period of American history when there was a political realignment election: not only did Roosevelt win then a sweeping victory over Hoover, but Democrats significantly extended their control over the U.S. House, gaining 101 seats, and also gained 12 seats in the U.S. Senate to gain control of the chamber.

“You are witnessing a political realignment like 1932 and we will govern for 100 years after we win 100 seats and it started last night,” Bannon said.

The haughty reporter continued on with his line of questioning, “Do you want to rule as a one-party kind of ah… total government.. ”

Bannon jumped in, “no! no-no-no.. ”

“To destroy the Democrat Party?..” the reporter asked.

“No..” Bannon replied.

Bannon returned to the question and resigned himself to say- with a sigh, “Well I believe we will destroy the Democrat party as a national political institution,” hinting that it is not he who is destroying the Democrat Party.

Bannon went on, ” you will have the squad and the Progressive Party and you will have the neo-liberal/ neo-Cons that the Jan 6th Committee is. You will have Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger on one side and you will have Shifty-Schiff and Swalwell on the other and Neo-Cons that represent Wall St,” Bannon told the inquisitive reporter.

“The Squad” refers to a group of highly questionable radicals who were professionally trained in the tactics of usurpation and who have infiltrated the US House of Reps- with an aim on taking down the American Republic. The group appears to be the soul of the Democrat Party.

“This is a Populist uprising of Hispanics and African Americans and other working-class people of this country, and it is before us. And you can see it in the Rio Grande Valley. Don’t take it from Steve Bannon; take it from your own eyes,” Bannon said, explaining it to the reporter.

“Yeah..” the reporter said.

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Then Bannon leaned in – as the master showman- and said: “Hey GETTR, this is America justice, this is the American court system. We have an advocacy court system. To everyone in China we have your back every second of the day. See you guys…”

And the other media who had finally gathered- and been woken up, started pitching their questions to him, which he let drop to the ground.

Then the Populist hero made his exit and walked into the doors of the courtroom, controlling the narrative perfectly- he said, “thanks guys, I appreciate it,” and disappeared into the “Halls of Justice,” which may the second place on Bannon’s tour, today, to get a stiff shot of ‘Firebrand- Bannon spunk”.