WATCH: Biden Completely Lost And Humiliated On Live TV

Barak Obama’s first visit to the Biden White House since 2017 to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Obamacare backfired for Joe Biden as crowds rushed past Biden and to Obama. Biden’s invitation for Obama to visit on this day was intended to show unity in presenting plans that the Biden administration has to make changes in Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act. Public concerns about the “family glitch in the ACA have pressured the current administration to make the changes that were to be presented by the former pair.

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The Daily Mail reported, “Before Biden was shunned for his charismatic predecessor, the event had been a lovefest between the two leaders, with both men joking about their time together under Obama’s tenure. They hugged, quipped, and laughed as the Democrats in the East Room – crowded to the gills – Cheered and applauded.” The remarks went downhill for Biden from there as Obama began his speech with a reference to “Vice President Biden” to “laughter and applause”. Obama then made jokes about changes made, including references that Secret Service agents have been “forced to wear aviators” and even “there’s a cat running around” the White House.

As Obama concluded his humorous speech, he made a point to say, ” Thank you. Vice President Biden. Vice President-that was a joke. That was all set up. My president, Joe Biden”.

Obama’s comment about a “set up” could refer to the fact that Biden introduced himself as, “My name is Joe Biden, I’m Barak Obama’s vice president. And I’m Jill Biden’s husband.” Biden also wisecracked, “Mr. President, welcome back to the White House, man. It feels like the good old days. Being here with you brings back so many good memories, We just had lunch together and we weren’t sure who was supposed to sit where,” supposedly joking about which one of them was in charge.

It seems intended humor reigned at the event but didn’t go over as intended, as reported, ” Before signing an executive order that directs federal agencies to increase health-care access and affordability, Biden had one final quip, making light of a memorable moment 12 years ago, ‘And Barak, let me remind you-it’s a hot mic’ Biden joked.” While Obama’s jokes seemed to be mostly at Biden’s expense, the former president also joked about “putting on a tie for the day.”

As the laughing and applauding crowd unfortunately rushed completely past Biden to gather around Obama, video, and photos show Biden by himself without fans. Current Vice President Kamala Harris moved away from Biden to join Obama in greeting and shaking hands with the crowd, a mix of politicians and the public, as Biden stood alone. Biden sadly appeared confused and disoriented during the greeting period.

Former President Obama remains popular with his party members, and at almost 20 years younger than 79-year-old Joe Biden, appears more dynamic than the aging president, overshadowing him. The Daily Mail reported that “Several polls show Biden’s approval at a dismal 39 percent and an average from Real Clear Politics has the president averaging a 53.7 percent disapproval rating.”

Twitter was alive with comments pointing out Biden’s lack of presence and unpopular status, especially when juxtaposed with another leader like Obama, such as
” I guess we know who’s really running the White House, and it ain’t Joe!” and “The man who purportedly got 80 million votes…but can’t find a single friend in a crowded room.”

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Other Twitter posts indicated even conservatives felt sorry for the US President, saying ” Sad, you can tell he is lost. At least respect the office and show the man a little dignity. I don’t agree with his policy or the democrats, but would have been speaking with him if no one else would.”

The Republican National Committee tweeted, “Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden.” and “This is so sad.”

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Due to the social media comments immediately after the event, Obama tweeted damage control a little late with defensive comments like,” Always great catching up with @POTUS” and “Thanks for all you’re doing to help even more Americans get access to quality, affordable health care” even including a photo of himself with Joe Biden at the event.

An event that obviously was meant to use the anniversary of AMA and Obama’s presence to strengthen Biden’s public image in the months before midterm elections did not have the desired effect, having ended casting Joe Biden in a negative and poor light. reports “The event was undoubtedly scheduled with the former president to be a much-needed win for Biden, who faces scrutiny for record-high inflation, soaring gas prices, and blame for not doing more to end the war in Ukraine that has lasted over 40 days.”