WATCH: Biden Loses It On Live TV

If you saw Joe Biden’s speech yesterday in Madrid, Spain you probably turned it off after a few seconds. Biden once again proved he’s the dumbest, angriest man on the planet.

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He is always yelling angrily unless he’s whispering creepily. Yesterday day was the angry yell day.

Biden is still angry about Roe v. Wade being overturned. He hates that Trump put the SCOTUS justices who did it on the court.

A reporter inquired about mass shootings, inflation, and the Supreme Court decision.

“How do you explain this to those people who feel the country is going in the wrong direction, including some of the leaders you’ve been meeting with this week who think when you put all of this together, it amounts to an America that is going backward?” Darlene Superville of The Associated Press asked.

“They do not think that. You haven’t found one person, one world leader, to say, ‘America is going backward,’” he lied, replying angrily.

Biden continued to lie about the United States having the lowest inflation in the world.

“America is better positioned to lead the world than we ever have been. We have the strongest economy in the world. Our inflation rates are lower than other nations in the world,” he said.

Fact-checking by Fox News found that “In reality, the U.S. inflation rate of 8.3% was among the highest in the developed world in April and May, far out-pacing Japan, France, Germany, the U.K., Italy, and Canada.”

Biden’s anger at the press comes right as his handlers have tried to keep members of the media away from him so he doesn’t slip up as he is known to do.

But now journalists have had enough.

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According to the New York Post, “a group of 68 journalists sent a rare protest letter to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Thursday asking that President Biden’s staff abandon a mysterious pre-screening process and reopen large events to all journalists.”

Biden then attacked the Supreme Court… from a foreign nation.

“The one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the Supreme Court of the United States in overruling not only Roe v. Wade but essentially challenging the right to privacy,” Biden angrily stated.

“We’ve been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights. And it is a mistake in my view for the Supreme Court to do what it did,” he continued.

Despite this, Biden is going to nominate a pro-life attorney for a federal position.

The Hill reported on this odd move:

President Biden plans to nominate a conservative lawyer who has represented anti-abortion causes to a federal judgeship in Kentucky, according to Rep. John Yarmuth’s (D-Ky.) office.

Chad Meredith, the attorney, has previously served as Kentucky’s solicitor general and represented a number of Kentucky’s top GOP officials in cases curbing abortion access and COVID-19 public health measures.

The Courier-Journal reported that the nomination appears to be the result of a deal between Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to facilitate future Biden nominees. Yarmuth opposes the nomination, according to the outlet.

Also in Biden’s Thursday speech, he addressed the war between Ukraine and Russia, saying that Americans should be prepared to pay higher gas prices for “as long as it takes.” as Russia, “cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine. This is a critical, critical position for the world.”

“Putin thought he could break the transatlantic alliance,” Biden said. “He tried to weaken us. He expected our resolve to fracture. But he’s getting exactly what he did not want. He wanted the Finland-ization of NATO. He got the NATO-ization of Finland.”

“We are going to stick with Ukraine, and all of the alliance is going to stick with Ukraine as long as it takes to, in fact, make sure that they are not defeated,” he added.


Immediately following his speech, the president received some more news from the Supreme Court that he was surely not looking forward to.

The Supreme Court limited the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions 6-3 in West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Roberts wrote for the Court. The three liberals dissented, of course.

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CNN’s Ella Nilsen who covers climate news wasn’t happy about the decision. In her report, she stated that “Republican attorneys general will argue the EPA has no authority to regulate planet-warming emissions from the power sector. Instead, they will say that authority should be given to Congress. The case also has enormous implications for Biden’s climate agenda. With legislative action on climate looking uncertain at best, a Supreme Court decision siding with coal companies could undercut an important way the administration planned to slash emissions at a moment when scientists are sounding alarms about the accelerating pace of global warming.”

“The power sector is the country’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gas. Power emissions rose last year, mainly driven by coal. Experts say West Virginia v. EPA is a highly unusual case, because there is no current EPA rule on power plant emissions. Plaintiffs are asking the court to block the EPA from implementing future rules,” the report continued.