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Watch: Biden Wanders Off Live Interview Segment Before They Can Cut to Commercial

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On Thursday, President Joe Biden concluded a rare in-person, live interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace by leaving the set behind her before the network could transition to a commercial break.

Wallace completely disregarded the bizarre and inexplicable moment, having just spent 19 minutes tossing Biden softballs and dismissing his family’s burgeoning corruption scandal.

Wallace feigned that a man with questionable cognitive abilities and morals loitering behind her on live television was a perfectly routine occurrence.

As the cordial interview approached its conclusion, Biden appeared eager to leave his seat.

He eventually stood up and extended his hand to Wallace.

She said, “Mr. President, thank you,” as they shook palms.

The response from Biden was “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The president walked to Wallace’s left, circled behind her like Mr. Magoo, and eventually exited the set as the anchor warned her viewers, “Don’t go anywhere. It’s a very exciting day around here.”

She hinted an in-depth reaction to her interview with the president with a straight expression, as Vice President Biden had just completed strolling behind her.

Thankfully, numerous Twitter accounts captured the moment.


MSNBC’s YouTube account predictably edited out Biden’s inappropriate exit on the full interview.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The network presumably did so in an effort to run cover for Biden, as MNSBC exists primarily to protect the Democratic Party and its interests.

Biden’s strange decision to ignore decorum and wait a few seconds for Wallace to cut to a break was one of many lowlights in the interview. CONTINUE READING…

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