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Watch: Camera Catches Body Falling Down Air Force One Stairs, And This Time It Isn’t Biden

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Yesterday, President Biden travelled in Poland in an effort to reassure our friends of American support against Russia in the Ukrainian conflict, but his trip did not go as planned.

Following meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv, Biden traveled to Warsaw, where he landed on Air Force One on Monday evening.

Yet when Biden and his entourage exited the aircraft, an unfortunate incident occurred. A camera captured a body sliding down the stairs of Air Force One, but it was not Biden this time.

Obviously, this is not meant to make fun of whoever went down the steps; it happens to all of us from time to time, even Joseph Biden aboard Air Force One in a fairly humiliating occurrence.

Yet, some individuals have been quick to point out that this is nearly emblematic of the Biden administration thus far: a failure.

One Twitter user posted a video of a guy tumbling down the stairs with the remark, “Just another Biden appointee arriving….”

Again, if this were an isolated instance, it would not be such a huge thing, but in reality, it is emblematic of a much larger issue.

Combining this with Biden’s and his administration’s many gaffes and the terrible leadership that has been a trademark of the presidency, one can only conclude that, thus far, Biden has been one of the worst presidents in history.

This error is rendered considerably worse when the context of this visit is considered. On the verge of World War III, Joe Biden is seeking to reassure our friends of American strength and stability.

Yet, this arrival does not make the Biden administration appear powerful or stable, and it surely does not inspire confidence among the American people or among our friends who depend on our help.

As a result, neither our allies nor our adversaries take the United States seriously under the Biden administration.

How can our friends rely on us to help them if we cannot maintain order in our own nation, and how can we discourage our adversaries given the status of the nation? Biden’s leadership is rapidly becoming a disaster.

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