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Watch: Detransitioner Makes Desperate Plea to Congress

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Thursday, 19-year-old Chloe Cole told Congress about her transitioning disaster, demonstrating the ability of the transgender craze to demolish a person’s life.

She said, “I used to believe that I was born in the wrong body and the adults in my life, whom I trusted, affirmed my belief and this caused me lifelong, irreversible harm.”

“I speak to you today as a victim of one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the United States of America. I speak to you in the hope that you will have the courage to bring the scandal to an end, and ensure that other vulnerable teenagers, children and young adults don’t go through what I went through,” she said during a House hearing.

“My childhood was ruined,” she stated, adding, “This needs to stop. You alone can stop it. Enough children have already been victimized by this barbaric pseudoscience. Please let me be your final warning,” she pleaded.

She stated that at the age of 12, she informed her parents that she was transgender because she was uncertain about the puberty-related changes she was experiencing. She explained that they requested assistance from specialists.

“But this proved to be a mistake. It immediately set our entire family down a path of ideologically motivated deceit and coercion. The gender specialist I was taken to see told my parents that I need to be put on puberty-blocking drugs right away,” she explained.

“They asked my parents a simple question: Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living transgender son?” she said, adding that her family “all became victims of so-called gender-affirming care.”

She stated that the testosterone injections she began receiving at age 13 “caused permanent changes in my body, my voice will forever be deeper, my jawline sharper, my nose longer, my bone structure permanently masculinized, my Adam’s apple more prominent, my fertility unknown.”

“I look in the mirror sometimes, and I feel like a monster. I had a double mastectomy at 15. They tested my amputated breasts for cancer. That was cancer-free, of course, I was perfectly healthy,” she said.

“After my breasts were taken away from me, the tissue was incinerated. Before I was able to legally drive, I had a huge part of my future womanhood taken from me,” she said.

She stated that she struggles with her physical condition. CONTINUE READING…

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