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Watch: Fauci Squirms When Confronted on Masks – He Had Nowhere to Run

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Well, characterize this author’s surprise as mild.

Looks like CNN — or at least some on the beleaguered network — actually grew a backbone since the COVID-19 pandemic first struck.

“Smerconish” host Michael Smerconish spoke with former NIH director and COVID-19 administrator Dr. Anthony Fauci on his Saturday CNN program. Smerconish is, to be fair, one of the more reasonable voices on the left-leaning network.

Because CNN refused to give Fauci an easy pass, it was arguably the greatest six minutes of television it has ever broadcast.

It’s a stark contrast to when the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged and CNN shamed anyone who didn’t support draconian government measures, such as mask mandates.

Regarding this, the finest part of the entire Smerconish-Fauci interview occurred when concealing was discussed.

You can view the applicable segment below:

Smerconish shared with Fauci the results of a January Cochrane Library study, citing a February New York Times opinion piece.

This study concluded (and Smerconish read this in its entirety): “The most rigorous and exhaustive analysis of scientific studies conducted on the effectiveness of masks for preventing the spread of respiratory diseases, including Covid-19, was published late last month. Tom Jefferson, an epidemiologist from Oxford and the study’s main author, stated that its conclusions were unambiguous.

“‘There is just no evidence that they’ — masks — ‘make any difference,’ Jefferson told journalist Maryanne Demasi. ‘Full stop.’

“But, wait, hold on. What about N-95 masks, as opposed to lower-quality surgical or cloth masks?

“’Makes no difference — none of it,’ said Jefferson.

“What about the studies that initially persuaded policymakers to impose mask mandates? CONTINUE READING…

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