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Watch How Fast Biden’s Face Changes After He Botches Sentence: ‘Even Joe Is Fed Up with Joe at This Point’

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President Joe Biden gave a rare moment of togetherness on Tuesday, but it was not one that any politician desires.

At a speech at the Kempsville Recreation Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, intended to promote the benefits of the federal government’s expanding role in American health care, Biden botched a line so terribly that everyone was aware of it.

The president recognized his error. The crowd was aware of his error. The White House transcript writers made no attempt to conceal the truth; rather, they attempted to put the best possible spin on the situation. That didn’t work.

Biden’s struggles with the English language in public speaking are so frequent that it’s almost more notable when the president doesn’t disgrace himself during an engagement. Nevertheless, Biden’s performance on Tuesday was exceptional.

Typically, he simply rambles around his misstatements, faking his way through the problem regions until he regains his composure a few sentences later.

This time, Biden froze in his tracks. This is the link:

The official White House transcript quotes the president as if he were doing a comedy routine:

“Bringing down prescription drug cost doesn’t just save money for seniors and Medicare; it’s going to have a significant effect on the federal deficit. It’s going to lower the debt by $159 billion. (Applause.)

“And you say, ‘Well, how can that be, Joe?’ Well, right now, the government — our tax dollars pay out through Medicare the help for the prescription drugs. If they have to pay out 150 thou- — 159 thou- — billion dollars let- — (the President rolls his eyes) — (laughter) — less for prescription drugs, then it reduces the deficit.”

Clearly, working as a member of Biden’s communications staff must present its own internal dynamics issues. In addition to attempting to make the elderly president seem nice on a daily basis, even while he’s making terrifying expressions on a public platform, White House employees must retain some kind of dignity.

The best they could probably accomplish is to pretend he’s Stephen Colbert-like in his delivery.

Viewers whose salaries are not contingent on imagining that Emperor Biden is wearing the best attire had a somewhat different opinion.

As one Twitter user put it: “Even Joe is fed up with Joe at this stage.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

It could well be true that Biden is fed up with Biden at this point. Even as the living embodiment of the Peter Principle, the president has to have some dim notion that he’s not the FDR reprise his Democrats and the propagandists of the establishment media tried to build him up as. CONTINUE READING…

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