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Watch: Katie Hobbs Can’t Keep It Together While Being Sworn In as Governor – ‘Dark Day for Arizona’

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Monday, Arizonans may have gained insight into why Democrat Katie Hobbs declined to confront Republican Kari Lake during the state’s governor’s election last fall.

Hobbs also declined to engage in debates with her opponents in order to become her party’s gubernatorial nominee.

Hobbs erupted into laughing at her Monday swearing-in ceremony in Phoenix as 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Roopali Desai attempted to administer the oath.

Her mother was positioned opposite the governor and looked to be carrying a Bible.

“Stop it, Mom!” Hobbs called out.

The Associated Press reported the outburst was in response to her “mother’s joyous tears.”

Arizona Republicans national committeeman Tyler Bowyer, tweeted,  “So at best the family isn’t taking it seriously. At worst she is nervous about swearing allegiance to the state and country.”

Another Twitter user remarked, “Dark day for Arizona.”

Still, another was a little more receptive of the conduct adding, “I might be a little giddy in that situation but I also think I could still act professionally while being sworn into office.”

Twitter user Luis Cruz tweeted: “That’s not what I see. It seems Katie and, what seems to be her mom, were getting sentimental and Katie asked her to stop. I’m not defending their campaign, but I also HATE fake news. From both sides.”

Another user responded, “That’s what I saw too. It’s also an inappropriate time to giggle for mommy to stahhhhp! I’m sure the left will defend it for feelings…but if she can’t keep herself together long enough for a 30 sec swear in to a government position? She isn’t capable of position. IMO.”

The Kari Lake campaign had a more forceful take writing, “This is one of the darkest moments in the history of Arizona. An illegitimate ‘Governor’ laughing in the face of our constitution. But it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

“We will expose this fraud for the world to see. Justice is coming. [Hobbs] won’t be laughing then.”

Lake is appealing a lower court’s decision dismissing her challenge to Hobbs’ election victory.

Three problems included in the Lakes’ complaint are the extensive ballot printer failures on Election Day in Maricopa County, the claimed lack of chain of custody paperwork for 300,000 votes, and the alleged failure to maintain signature verification procedures for mail-in ballots.

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