WATCH: Mitch McConnell EXPOSED! On The Edge Of Treason!

Mitch McConnell is classified as left these days.

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Tucker Carson said, “This is who Mitch McConnell truly is,” Epshteyn and Bannon said that he’s teetering on the edge of treason, and MTG called him – Biden’s Bitch!

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Carlson exposed Mitch for what he did to Tim Unies.


Here’s the transcription:

“If you don’t live in D.C., you probably haven’t heard the name, but Tim Unes is a Republican event planner in Washington. For 25 years, he helped organize appearances for Senator Bob Dole and his wife, Senator Elizabeth Dole. He was close to the family. When Bob Dole died last week, Unes was the obvious choice to manage the funeral and the memorial service. And he would have done that if Mitch McConnell hadn’t gotten personally involved. Now, technically, Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the United States Senate, but in real life and everyone in Washington knows this, on the issues that matter, Mitch McConnell is an instrument of the left. McConnell knew that Tim Unes had helped organize Donald Trump’s political rally in Washington this January. Now, there’s nothing illegal or immoral about doing that. If anything is constitutionally protected behavior, it’s organizing a political rally. It’s why we have the Bill of Rights. But the partisan lunatics on the January 6 committee don’t acknowledge the Bill of Rights. And they objected to this. And then Mitch McConnell aggressively took their side as he has from the very beginning. So McConnell then convinced the Dole family to cancel Tim Unes’s contract and disinvite him from the funeral. Then McConnell made sure the story made the New York Times, and when he did that, he knew perfectly well that a piece like this would completely destroy Tim Unes’s life, which, unfortunately, it definitely will. It will mean no more corporate clients, no more business, no more income for Tim Unes. So even by Mitch McConnell’s usual standards of viciousness, and in Washington, he’s known as the nastiest old woman in town. This was an incredibly cruel thing to do. It was crushing the weak on behalf of the strong and for no real reason, simply because he could, and he doesn’t like Trump. Now this is hardly the first time Mitch McConnell has done something vicious like this, but we thought that going forward, we would start telling you about it, because why wouldn’t we?” – Tucker Carlson

When people show their real face, you should believe in that. This is Mitch McConnell! He may be siding with the Dems again!

Boris Epshteyn said: “Unless there’s something that we do not know or do not understand, there should be not a chance on God’s green earth that Mitch McConnell goes along and allows somehow for the filibuster to go away in order to pass federalization of an election. If Mitch McConnell does that, that is, to me clearly without any question whatsoever, absolutely treasonous. You can not allow for the federalization of elections. Now that’s part one. Part two: Constitutionally, it’s actually impossible because you’d have to go through the constitutional amendment process, and if you don’t, you’re gonna have to go answer to the Supreme Court. And there’s just no way the Supreme Court is going to allow for Congress and feckless Biden to do a power grab like that.”

Watch the video below:

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This is what MTG tweeted.