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Watch: Press Secretary Turns Into Stuttering Mess When Asked About Biden’s Involvement with Hunter’s Business Deals

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If you do not have time to read this entire commentary, allow me to summarize the key points in a few sentences.

Reporter: How involved was President Joe Biden in the shady business dealings of his close relatives?

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: Oh, goodness, look at my wrist! I have to go.

The real discussion, which can be seen in the video below, lasted more than one minute, but this is essentially what transpired.

According to the official transcript of the exchange from the White House, the question posed was:

“The top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, Congressman [James] Comer, has said that he’s investigating the President’s involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. One, looking for your reaction to that. And then, on the merits of the allegations, can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter or his brother’s foreign business deals?”

Also, going by the official transcript, Jean-Pierre began her reply with: “So, look, you know, there’s — there’s some — a little bit of interesting, you know, kind of, on-brand thinking here because, you know, congressional Republicans ran saying that they were going to fight inflation.”

The’s very close; they missed a few “ums” and such, but if you read that response aloud, you’ll get the impression that Jean-Pierre is desperately trying to gain time to formulate a response to the question.

Which is interesting in and of itself, as it raises the question of why she would not have been prepared for such an obvious inquiry from the White House media after a midterm election that put Republicans firmly in control of the House — and Hunter Biden directly in the sights of House Republicans who have promised for months to investigate the president’s son after the midterms.

Initially, she did not even attempt to include Hunter Biden or his father in her statement. In reality, she used many words to get there.

“They said they were going to make that a priority,” she said. “They were very clear about that these past several months.

“And instead, what they’re doing is they’re focusing — you know, they’re focusing — they’re making their top priority — they get the majority, and their top priority is actually not focusing on the American families but focusing on the President’s family.

“They’re not coming up with solutions on how we’re going to lower costs for Amer — for American families. They’re not coming up with solutions as to how are we dealing with issues that matter the most to American families.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

That’s not the worst spin I’ve ever heard, but it would have been far more effective had it not taken her so long to think of it on the fly. CONTINUE READING…

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