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Watch: Taylor Swift Trips Going Down Stairs During Tokyo Concert, Says ‘Life Flashed Before My Eyes’

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Despite the apparent calmness on camera, Taylor Swift revealed a moment of intense fear when she tripped over her long dress while descending the steps of the set for her song “Folklore.” The incident occurred during Friday night’s Eras Tour concert at Japan’s Tokyo Dome, where Swift was walking down from a cabin elevated above the main stage.

Although the video captured by one of the 50,000 attendees showed Swift successfully completing the journey to the main stage without further trouble, she shared her anxiety onstage later. Swift expressed relief that she didn’t fall and acknowledged that her life flashed before her eyes during the mishap.

The singer’s safety harness strap, visible in the video, played a crucial role in preventing a potential injury from the fall. Fans were divided in their opinions about the effectiveness of the safety equipment at the time of the incident, with some stating that Swift had just taken it off, while others mentioned her statement during the concert that she was “about to take it off” but hadn’t done so yet.

Despite the brief scare, Swift’s fans and, most likely, her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, were relieved that she didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Reports indicated that Kelce would be traveling from Japan to Las Vegas in time to watch the Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Swift’s spokesperson from the Japanese Embassy assured that, despite the time difference, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl, referencing one of Swift’s album titles, “Speak Now.”

While the San Francisco 49ers are considered the betting favorite for Sunday’s Super Bowl, more bets have been placed on the Chiefs, suggesting a higher confidence among NFL fans, particularly those who engage in betting, in the defending champions.

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