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WATCH: The Truth Will Shock The World

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Due to the failure of the mainstream ‘corporate’ media and the collapse of local media, the American public is unable to obtain accurate information.

It is uncommon to find a publication that will operate as a legitimate government watchdog nowadays. Instead of decimating the facts so that individuals may make their own decisions, the MSM function as propagandists for government players by promoting a ‘paid for message.’

Because the American people are not as docile and readily influenced as the “powers that be” assume, they have resorted to alternate information sources. Moreover, these individuals did not attend Ivy League journalism institutions in order to be schooled to promote government propaganda.

Willful individuals who reject the bought narrative and develop their own media are likely to favor President Donald J. Trump, since he symbolizes an outsider to the political process that has lead so many free individuals to indifference toward the government.

In recent decades, the corporate press has functioned as Public Relations agents of the vast “administrative state” and marketed a story to consumers.

Citizen journalism and independent media have worked to inform the public of government wrongdoings using a variety of new internet platforms, and their style is rebellious in comparison to the’stiff’ news programs of the past, such as Dan Rather’s deceit and ‘Morning Joe”s emotional bullying, virtue signaling, and gaslighting.

We know that, in their pursuit of personal power and fortune, many political power seekers have gotten out of hand in the absence of any oversight.

The ancient adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” has come to pass, thus the media has only itself to blame for the growth of people utilizing technology to report on open source information, as we shall demonstrate.

The American people have spread their message that the government does not have the consent of the governed in a variety of inventive methods, including the following:

Noah and our friends at We Love Trump (WLT) wrote about a number of their favorite citizen-made videos about news stories, including a lengthy video that contains not only entertainment value, but also footage of recent events, as well as footage found in open source documents, and it paints a vivid picture of what they discovered is occurring at the highest levels of government:

“There are some truly wonderful videos out there explaining the mega narrative around what is currently happening in our world. I’ll post some of the older ones down below, but right now I want to show you a new one.

It’s fantastic. It’s called “Truth Will Shock The World,” and it was just released.

It’s long but very worth it.

It’s also very graphic, so please be warned ahead of time.”

Watch here on Rumble:

WLT went on and offered more footage of video they knew about:

“There’s so much in there I can’t possibly comment on it all, but I could barely stomach the clip of Hillary Clinton telling black people how she carries hot sauce around with her.

The host even calls her out and asks her if she’s pandering?

Her response?


“Is it working?”

Just shameless and a gross human being.

But you can’t really post about the hot sauce in my bag without the infamous Delonte West.

Does anyone remember this?”

“And speaking of Delonte, how about “better have my do-nuts”?”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“So sad to see he’s now homeless after being a star in the NBA.

Things are not always as they seem. CONTINUE READING…

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