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WATCH: Trump Flips The Script On Lawyer In Viral Video – ‘I Hope You’re Not Insulted’

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In a current court case brought by E. Jean Carroll, a judge on Friday ordered the publication of a deposition video of 45th President Donald Trump in which the prosecution accuses Trump of raping Carroll in 1996.

Since then, a video of the deposition has gone viral, revealing Trump’s true character once again. Donald Trump, a leading Republican presidential candidate, was questioned by the prosecution’s attorney regarding Jessica Leads, a witness who claimed Trump sexually assaulted her during a flight in the late 1970s.

“When you said in that video that Ms. Leeds would not be your first choice, you were referring to her physical looks, correct?” the prosecutor asked Trump.

“Just the overall. I look at her, I see her, I hear what she says,” Trump said in response. “Whatever. You wouldn’t be a choice of mine either, I hope you’re not insulted. I would not under any circumstances have any interest in you. I’m being honest when I say it. She, I would not have any interest in.”

Trump’s case is currently pending in civil court, so even if he is found liable for the incident, he will not face criminal consequences. However, he would endure pecuniary consequences.

According to Politico, the alleged incident occurred on a Thursday night in the spring of 1996 in a changing room on the sixth floor of Bergdorf Goodman’s lingerie department. Although Carroll appears to have filed the complaint for the first time in 2019, the prosecution has presented two witnesses who claim Carroll told them of the alleged rape shortly after it occurred.

President Trump repeatedly denied the allegation saying during his deposition, “It didn’t happen. And by the way, if it did happen, it would have been reported within minutes. Talking about going to a major floor, probably I assumed the most important floor, a major floor in a major department store. That’s a very busy store, by the way, checkout counters and everything else. And I would be in there– I mean, it’s the most ridiculous. It’s the most ridiculous disgusting story is just made up.”

Both Carroll and Trump rested their cases in the civil trial on Thursday. Carroll sued Trump in federal court in Manhattan for battery over the alleged rape and for defamation over comments Trump made on social media last year accusing Carroll of propagating a “hoax.” He asserts that the alleged incident “never happened.”

Trump’s attorneys saw no need to summon any witnesses to depose on his behalf, possibly because the facts of the case prove his innocence on their own and the cross-examination of Carroll’s 11 witnesses would discredit her claims.

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