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Watch Tucker Find Out What Fox Did to His Remaining Past Staff

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Tucker Carlson criticized the corporate culture of America after being queried about his former Fox News employees reportedly being escorted out of the building on their last day.

Carlson’s biographer Chadwick Moore reported for the first time late last month that he had learned through a press release that nine employees who had worked on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and who were still employed by the company had been informed in mid-July that they were losing their employment.

Last Friday, Moore asserted that the company sent those individuals a memo instructing them what to do at the end of their duties, and that the directive was anything but personal and respectful.

“[Carlson’s] remaining team at Fox News (nine employees) will be frog marched out of the building tonight at 9:00pm,” Moore tweeted. “HR will be waiting outside the control room when they finish tonight’s show to escort the remaining producers outside,” Moore reported.

Moore added that a former Carlson producer characterized the company’s conduct to him as “degrading.”

Beck queried Carlson about the claim at this year’s Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, and the former Fox News host responded immediately.

After Beck read Moore’s tweet to the former network anchor, Carlson criticized the human resource and business practices of major corporations.

“That is, and this certainly not a defense of the company that is doing that, but this is kind of par in corporate America. I think it’s disgusting,” he said.

Carlson added:

“And I would say two things: One, you should always be loyal to people who are loyal to you. Loyalty is reciprocal. People give up a lot on your behalf, you should do the same for them. And I have never seen a publicly traded company do that for anybody in the United States, and it’s disgusting. I think it’s a huge sin that they all commit.”

Carlson then commented on the evolution of human resources departments, which he said, when he entered the workforce, primarily assisted individuals in registering for benefits. CONTINUE READING…

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