WATCH: Waukesha Suspect Caught On Ring Doorbell Video Asking For Help

The suspect in the massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin that killed five people and injured many more after driving a car into a Christmas parade was caught on Ring camera asking for help after the tragedy.

Darrell Brooks knocked on the door of the home of Daniel Rider around 20 minutes after the incident asking for help getting his Uber, Fox News reported.

“Hey, I called an Uber and I’m supposed to be waiting for it over here but I don’t know when it’s coming, can you call it for me please?” the man, believe to be Brooks, is seen and heard saying. “I’m homeless.”

The homeowner said he was watching football in his home when he heard the man and he did allow him inside.

“All of a sudden, I look outside my street and I see a few cop cars drive by and I’m getting extra nervous,” he said.

He said he asked the man to leave his home and he did, but came back later saying he left his identification in the house.

But it was then that police arrived and arrested Brooks.

“Hands up! Put your hands where I can see them!” an officer said.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” the suspect said as he raised his hands and surrendered.

In another portion of the footage, the homeowner appears to open his front door to interact with one of the responding officers.

“Hey, do you know this guy?” the officer asks.

“Absolutely not,” he says.

Rider said that his neighbor was the one who called police.

Rider’s girlfriend, Katrina Reigh, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that Rider had given Brooks a jacket and a sandwich while he was inside his home.


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