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Watch: Weatherman Breaks Down, Starts Praying on Air as Tornado Barrels Toward Town

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Friday, as deadly tornadoes prepared to deliver black winds to northern Mississippi, a meteorologist realized there was only one way to spare individuals in the path of the storms.

Just before the tornado struck Amory, Mississippi, meteorologist Matt Laubhan of WTVA-TV prayed, “Dear Jesus, please help them.”

According to NBC, at least 23 people were killed by the storms that swept through the state.

According to the Monroe Journal, Amory was severely affected, but as of Saturday morning, no fatalities had been reported.

When Laubhan observed the radar and issued warnings, the destiny of the town remained uncertain.

“Assuming we’re moving 65 miles per hour I would say the western few streets in Amory are now less than two minutes away. This is a strong, life-threatening tornado that’s going to move either extremely close to Amory or in through the northern part of the city of Amory,” he added.

“Here’s the thing about this, y’all trust me too much, OK? I tell you where it goes and some of you are like ‘that’s where it’s going to go,’ but the reality is this could be changing directions, OK? So Amory, we need to be in our tornado safe place,” he said.

The most recent scans then appeared.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“We got a new scan coming in now here as we speak,” Laubhan said. He was visibly shaken by the image that popped up on his screen. “Oh, man,” he groaned. “North side of Amory, this is coming in. Oh, man…”

Then he said a quick prayer: “Dear Jesus, please help them … amen,” he said, resuming the live broadcast. CONTINUE READING…

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