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Watch What Happens to ABC Host as He’s Forced to Give Trump Amazing News

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It’s common knowledge at this point that the establishment media has no actual understanding or knowledge of what actual Americans believe.

They have repeatedly demonstrated that they are out of contact with individuals who do not inhabit the same echo chamber they do.

When ABC reporter and “This Week” co-host Jonathan Karl read aloud a poll covering a hypothetical 2024 matchup between former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden, schadenfreude was on full display for the entire world to see.

The critical excerpt was captured by Fox News, and you can view it for yourself below:

Karl, who is visibly and audibly rattled, recite the most recent Quinnipiac poll predicting a Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump confrontation in 2024.

“A poll from Quinnipiac on a possible Biden/Trump match-up puts Biden at 48 percent, Trump at 44 percent,” an initially level-headed Karl said. “This is a poll, again, taken largely after the indictment.”

Karl began to falter over his own words as you could hear the tension mounting in his voice.

“Uh… I mean, that’s got to make you a little nerv — That’s within the margin of error,” Karl blurted out. “That is a statistical tie.”

Former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile disregarded the poll because, in her words, “the race was close before the indictment, the race is going to be close, no matter what happens between then and now.”

Karl, to his limited credit, pushed back on Brazile’s dismissive response by asking, “So what does it say about Biden that he’s barely beating, or in some polls actually losing” to Trump.

Brazile disregarded it once more, stating that the “country is very divided.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Pathetically, Brazile also appeared to dismiss the poll more as “where we are as a nation” as opposed to any actual reflection of the two likely 2024 general election candidates.

Brazile’s stance, unsurprisingly, is much more reflective of the unflinchingly stubborn leftists who seem to think, through their outsized sense of self, that their opinions are somehow more factual than other people’s opinions. CONTINUE READING…

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