WATCH: White House Issues Startling Statement About Kamala

Amid recent criticism, White House press secretary Jen Paski acknowledged Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris’ “focus is not on the border.”

“Her focus is not on the border,” Psaki told reporters during a White House news briefing.

Instead, Psaki said, Harris is focused on dealing with the “root causes” behind migrants traveling to the U.S. from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

“It’s on addressing the root causes in the Northern Triangle, and that’s why the majority of her time has been spent on working on a diplomatic level,” she said.

“Our focus here is on solutions on making progress on moving these kids out of these facilities and getting them connected with sponsor homes with family members, if possible,” Psaki said.

“If the president or vice president goes down and visits a facility like this, you have to potentially clear some parts out. There’s a lot of security that comes,” the White House press secretary also said, according to Newsweek.

Harris was tapped to be the Biden administration’s point person on immigration-related issues that have led to the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border late last month, Politico reported. According to Fox News, “The White House later clarified that Harris wasn’t involved with the ‘border crisis,’ but was instead focused on addressing the “root causes — not the border.”

“I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this,” President Joe Biden told reporters at the time.

Since then, though, Harris has gone more than a month without giving a news conference, according to Fox News.

She has also not traveled to the southern border.

A recent Fox survey, meanwhile, showed that 46 percent of respondents said is worse right now than it was two years ago.

Sixteen percent, on the other hand, said it was better.

“If it’s not the southern border, Kamala will be there,” Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs tweeted Monday.

“Today would be a good day for Vice President Harris to visit the southern border,” the Twitter account for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee added.