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Watch: Whoopi Seems to Make Disgusting Claim About Aldean’s Victimhood at Vegas Shooting

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The New Testament describes purgatory as an inexhaustible abyss (Revelation 9:1-11).

Similarly, there appears to be no level of dishonesty to which the women of “The View” will not stoop.

On Thursday’s episode of the daytime talk show, co-host Whoopi Goldberg used a tragic incident from country vocalist Jason Aldean’s past to bolster her unfounded criticism of his current hit song, “Try That in a Small Town.”

Aldean’s song has reached the number one spot on iTunes due to its pro-America, pro-gun, pro-community, and anti-violence lyrics.

However, enlightened progressives have lost their minds over the song and its accompanying music video, which features footage of recent urban rioters and offenders.

After Country Music Television removed the song and video from its rotation, prominent conservatives have raced to Aldean’s defense.

As usual, “The View” regurgitated the dominant enlightened narrative.

Nicholas Fondacaro, associate editor at the Media Research Center, a conservative media analysis and investigative organization, tweeted a brief snippet from the current episode.

Goldberg made two characteristically outlandish statements within 30 seconds.

First, she falsely implied that the song by Aldean is about race.

“Why are you linking it to black people? That’s the issue,” she said.

Aldean was on stage at 10:05 p.m. on October 1, 2017, when a mass shooter killed 60 people in Las Vegas, according to Goldberg.

“This is a man who saw what happens when someone is out of control with their guns,” she said.

Goldberg’s initial assertion cannot withstand even a cursory examination.

Two young Caucasian women are the only individuals in the video who can be identified by skin color.

The second statement by Goldberg is more pernicious.

The mere fact that Aldean was on stage during the deadliest mass massacre in U.S. history, according to Goldberg, should make him reconsider singing about firearms.

In “Try That in a Small Town,” Aldean does not croon about gun violence, but rather about defying those who seek to confiscate firearms.

Got a gun that my granddad gave me

They say one day they’re gonna round up

Well, that sh** might fly in the city, good luck

Thus, awakened Marxists subtly employ gun violence and even atrocities to weaken public resistance to tyranny.

Goldberg may or may not understand what she is saying.

In either case, she executes the orders of authoritarians.

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