WATCH: Your Weekly Reminder that George W. Bush was a Terrible President

For so many years before, because many of us asked no questions, these bad guys got away with a lot of sh*t.

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And that’s why they hate Trump so much because he revealed and ruined their little game.

Here’s a friendly conservative reminder of just how shameless and deceiving George W. Bush was to his party and our entire nation.

And here’s what people online had to say on this:

“A guy who threw a shoe at George Bush is a hero we have, but we never deserved”

“How much different would the world be if that shoe landed?”

“I stand with the shoe guy”

” I left my brief time in the GOP because of people like W”

“Kerry and Gore wouldn’t have been any better, they’re all about the same, and I think that’s a good point we should all remember”

“This is why when the government starts talking about war I don’t usually take it with a grain of salt. I still remember that day waking up and bush on tv talking about how he attacked Iraq last night”

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“We’ve learned a lot about our government since that day, let’s never allow them to do this to us or anyone else again”

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That last line is so true.

What do you think?