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We Literally Jumped After Seeing Creepy Editing Fail in New Disney Movie

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As a result of discovering a number of inconsistencies in a new Disney film, a number of viewers were left stunned and unnerved.

In the Disney+ original romantic comedy “Prom Pact,” which premiered in late March, we follow the tale of high school “outsiders” Mandy Yang and her closest friend Ben.

Mandy befriends the school jock, Graham Lansing, whose father is a prominent senator and Harvard alumnus with enough influence to help her gain admission to her ideal school.

According to the IMDb summary of the film, the only issue is that Mandy is a feminist who doesn’t believe in “heteronormative” relationships.

Ultimately, as Mandy becomes Lansing’s tutor and endeavors to develop a relationship with him and his father, she realizes she is developing feelings for him and questions whether education or love is more essential.

Others are more horrified by Disney’s disconcerting use of computer-generated imagery in the film, despite the fact that some may object to the studio’s typical liberal narratives.

Mandy is seen in the auditorium shortly after the start of the film, where a large number of students are attending a cheer rally.

There, we see the cheerleading ensemble dancing while students in the bleachers applaud and celebrate.

The scene is fleeting, but upon closer inspection, many viewers observed that the plain-faced characters seated in the background are not human.

Behind a series of basketball players are a smattering of CGI-generated characters.

Many on social media characterized the use of digital extras as not only inexpensive but also somewhat unsettling, with one person using the name of the Lord in vain to express her horror:

@kelseykid_super excited to watch Prom Pact on Disney+ and then saw this 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 still gonna watch it though.

♬ Oh my god what is that – Funny memes

“Why does this make me feel sick to my stomach IM TERRIFIED,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Nah girl in the yellow is actually freaking me out,” said another. CONTINUE READING…

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