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Website Posts Names and Addresses of Trump Grand Jury After Decision to Indict

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According to a new report, the grand jurors who voted this week to indict former President Donald Trump in Georgia were doxxed and their photographs were posted online.

Trump and 18 others were indicted for a variety of severe alleged offenses related to the former president’s challenge of Georgia’s 2020 election administration.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asserted that, among other offenses, false statements, solicitation, and racketeering had been committed.

After an indictment was mistakenly posted online and expunged before jurors voted on whether to bring charges, a new one was issued. A court clerk was held responsible for the evident error.

Wednesday, NBC News reported that the names, addresses, and photographs of the jurors had been posted on a website referred to as “fringe.”

Additionally, the information was disseminated on social media.

Fulton County actually disclosed the identities of the jurors when the indictment was released, but NBC News omitted this information from its report.

According to The Washington Post, the identities of the jurors appeared on page 9 of the indictment.

The Post also reported that state law mandates the identities of grand jurors to be made public:

“The law, which is aimed at bringing transparency to criminal proceedings, doesn’t give judges options to protect the privacy of jurors, experts said — even in a high-profile case like Trump’s indictment that could expose them to intense scrutiny or even threats.”

The publication of the jurors’ addresses and photographs angered the leader of an advocacy group called Advance Democracy, which describes itself as “nonpartisan.”

Advance Democracy, according to the group’s founder, former FBI agent Daniel Jones, was among the first to discover the purported doxxing of the jurors.

“It’s becoming all too commonplace to see everyday citizens performing necessary functions for our democracy being targeted with violent threats by Trump-supporting extremists,” Jones told NBC News.

He added, ”The lack of political leadership on the right to denounce these threats — which serve to inspire real-world political violence — is shameful.”

Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, shared NBC’s report online and assailed Trump supporters indiscriminately.

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok also chimed in:

According to Jones, not only were jurors’ addresses and photos made public, but so were their social media posts indicating their support for politicians such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

Reportedly, additional jurors had expressed online support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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