WH Makes Bold Claim About Biden — Proves To Be A Blatant Lie

We expect Democrats to lie. It’s in their nature. Especially Democrat presidents.

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Recall Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Oh yeah, big lie.

And how about Barack Hussein Obama. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

That was Politifact’s lie of the year in 2013. Yeah, that leftist Politifact.

And now we have Biden and his administration. They’ve perfected the art of lying so well, that even Joseph Goebbels would be proud. Heck, Biden’s handlers may have conjured him up from the dead in order to consult with him what with all the falsities they put out.

On Thursday evening, the White House tweeted disinformation about COVID-19 to imply that Joe Biden is to be credited for vaccinating Americans against the disease.

In 2021, when Biden was sworn in as president, there were millions of unemployed Americans and no COVID-19 vaccines available, according to the official White House account on Twitter. In the tweet, it was touted that unemployment had declined since then, calling it the fastest decline in unemployment at the start of a presidency ever.

Public access to COVID-19 vaccines had existed for weeks before Biden’s inauguration.

More than one month before Vice President Joe Biden would become president, the first COVID-19 vaccination dose was given in the U.S. on Dec. 15, 2020, during former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

Following Biden’s election, millions of doses were distributed before he was sworn in. Nearly 1.2 million doses were administered on Jan. 19, the day before Biden assumed the presidency, according to the vaccine tracker from The Washington Post.

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Before becoming president, Biden had already gotten two doses of the Coronavirus vaccine. First, he received Pfizer’s vaccine on Dec. 21, 2020, then he received it again on Jan. 13, 2021.

By late Thursday, the White House had not corrected the false tweet, and Twitter does not yet consider it misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki doubles down on Major Lies in her last week on the job.

In a Thursday statement, the exiting White House Press Secretary assured reporters that President Biden has been working hard to resolve the baby formula shortage.

“So what we’re doing here at this point in time is working with other manufacturers who can produce safe baby formula, and we’ve had success in increasing our productivity, their productivity over the last four weeks, and we’re going to continue to work on that,” Psaki stated.

Psaki added that “this is something that the administration has been working on for some time now.”

Jen Psaki advised parents who couldn’t locate baby formula to call their doctor.

“When was the first time the President was briefed on the shortage?” a reporter inquired. “I’m not going to get into internal briefings, he’s been made aware of it through the process.” answered Psaki.

According to Psaki, the FDA’s recall of Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered infant formula produced in Sturgis, Michigan is the “reason we’re here.”

“I think it’s also important to note that the reason we’re here is because the FDA took a step to ensure that babies were taking safe formula,” Psaki explained.

She blamed both parents and merchants for hoarding products which led to an increase of shortages.

“Well, we’ve already seen an increase in supply over the past couple of weeks. What we are seeing, which is an enormous problem, is hoarding, people hoarding because they’re fearful. That is one element of it, and people hoarding because they are trying to profit off of fearful parents, so that is also something we’re focused on,” Psaki claimed.

In at least 26 states, it has been reported that between 40 and 50 percent of baby formula is out of stock this week. States such as Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas were the most severely hit.

Rep. Kat Cammack of Florida said many of the supplies being sent to illegal immigrants at the southern border included”shelves and pallets packed with baby formula,” compared to bare shelves in American stores.

Kari Donovan reported on that situation for RB yesterday:

A Florida lawmaker told her followers that the Biden administration has been shipping “pallets” of baby formula to migrant holding facilities.

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” said Republican Rep. Kat Cammack in one of two online postings yesterday, on eon Twitter and one on Facebook. “

Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula,” she added, holding a photo of empty shelves where the formula would be, to help people really understand the situation.

Cammack said that her source was a border agent, who sent her photographs of the deliveries, and she posted one online to inform people about the hypocrisy.

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“They’re receiving pallets and more pallets of baby formula at the border,” she said, holding one of the photos showing both Advantage brand formula.

“This was taken at Ursula processing facility [in McAllen, Texas] where thousands are being housed and processed and then released,” Cammack said on the video message.

“‘Kat, you would not believe the shipment I just brought in,” she said the agent told her. “He has been a border patrol agent for 30 years and he has never seen anything quite like this. He is a grandfather and he is saying that his own children can’t get baby formula.”

The shortage was sparked by a manufacturing problem and has been compounded by people running to hoard supplies. It is so concerning that many people who never pay attention to media and politics have turned to social media to vent their frustrations at Biden.