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WH Press Sec Just Said 2 Words About Biden That Should Terrify Every American

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The White House press secretary just described President Joe Biden in two terms that, if accurate, should raise major concerns among the American people.

During a news briefing on Tuesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the White House communications team believes Biden is skilled in all types of public speaking.

Jean-reaction Pierre’s was brief and straightforward. Biden, she said, is the “best communicator” in the White House.

Yes, indeed. She said that with a straight face. Jean-Pierre believes that the president, who can’t manage to get through a single phrase without stumbling over his words or making an embarrassing error, is the team’s finest communicator.

To be honest, the thought of this is horrifying. Joe Biden’s communication style is actually REALLY awful, as seen by a tweet from RNC Researcher.

Other Twitter users have also stated that if Biden truly is the finest communicator in the White House, our country is in severe peril.

As we’ve seen time and again, Biden frequently makes humiliating gaffes, forgets what he’s about to say, forgets people’s names even when they’re standing right next to him, and frequently struggles to pronounce things correctly.

If he is the finest communicator in the White House, the standard has been set very low, and his administration is much more inept than we believed.

We require leaders who are powerful, personable, and instill trust in the people. Part of it is the ability to talk and communicate effectively with the American people.

However, Biden is unable to communicate effectively or correctly with the American people. He is continually depicted as a frail, fumbling clown who is gradually becoming the punchline to every joke in America.

This is not the recipe for a powerful, respected administration; rather, it will result in a government that is disregarded and denigrated by Americans and the world community.

We want strong leadership from the whole government, not just Biden. If he genuinely is the best communicator, our country is in grave danger.

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