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WH Reporters Confront Press Sec About Pattern They’ve Noticed with Biden – She Giggles Through It Like a Kid

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When America has an elderly president who behaves like a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure and who adamantly claims he will run for re-election next year, the public sorely needs confirmation that it is not dealing with a wax figure.

Obviously, the only means to do this is the presidential press conference. Joseph Robinette Biden, the 80-year-old 46th president of the United States, has no intention of doing so.

He does not even wish to speak with the media. In fact, he responds to so few queries from reporters that even his most ardent supporters are turning on the White House press secretary over Biden’s unavailability.

Her response? She is giggling as if she were a child reading a crude joke.

The topic at hand involves Vice President Biden’s meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Friday, St. Patrick’s Day.

Nobody was especially anxious about whether the press corps would be able to raise a pint of Guinness and toast “sláinte” to the president’s ongoing good health at the occasion, and not just because the president’s health isn’t exactly outstanding or because he is a teetotaler.

Instead, a reporter noticed at Karine Jean-Thursday Pierre’s press briefing that she had “set out a very thorough agenda for the president’s meeting tomorrow with the prime minister of Ireland, but it did not include a two-on-two news conference.

“Can you say why not and whether that might be added to the schedule tomorrow? This is kind of becoming a pattern with a lot of the world leaders who are coming to the White House,” she said, as Jean-Pierre attempted to talk over her.

“Look, I’ve spoken to this many times when it comes to diplomatic … these are diplomatic conversations that happen with the countries that are visiting, and it is something that is decided in that way.

“But there will no — there will not be a two-plus-two tomorrow, as you just noted. But, again, this is in coordination with — with the country that comes to visit here at the White House.”

Jean-Pierre continued by stating that “your colleagues will have an opportunity to ask questions during the pool spray” at the Oval Office “that happens every time a head of state visits.”

For the uninformed, a “pool spray” has nothing to do with a Florida spring break tradition. Instead, it’s a word that describes how, following a politician’s prepared statements, reporters hurl questions at them, to which they occasionally respond.

Unless they are Joseph Biden, as the agitated press assembled at the White House on Thursday to observe the proceedings, that is.

“Karine, he never answers questions during those pool sprays,” a reporter said.

“That’s not true. He has — he’s answered,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Suddenly, a chorus of disgruntled reporters began voicing their complaints:

“Very seldom!” “We get shouted at!” “We get shoved out!” “We get yelled at! ‘Press, thank you! Thank you!’”

A giggling Jean-Pierre seemed to be having fun with this while she tried to get a word in edgewise, albeit half-heartedly: “It’s not — here’s –”

Continueth the Greek chorus: “We get yelled at during those!” “The press is normally shouted down when we’re in the Oval Office!” “You shout at us to get out!”

“I hear you guys,” Jean-Pierre said, continuing to laugh. “I hear you guys.”

Gendered language, anybody? Hello?

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Again, this isn’t just Peter Doocy showing off Rich Little-esque vocal impersonation abilities and pretending to be a half-dozen reporters at once. These are the same people who enable the Biden administration day after day on broadcast and cable networks, wire services and liberal newspapers. CONTINUE READING…

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