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What We Know About the DOJ Special Counsel Is Terrifying

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The media portrayed Jack Smith as an impartial man when he was appointed special counsel to investigate multiple cases against former President Donald Trump. They described him as “a war crimes prosecutor in The Hague who’d cut his teeth in New York prosecuting state and federal crimes, including the brutal beating of a Haitian immigrant by police.”

In 2010, he ascended to the position of head of the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit after then-Attorney General Eric Holder needed to clean house in the wake of an embarrassing overturned conviction against former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, in which, according to The Associated Press, it was revealed that the public integrity section withheld exculpatory evidence from the Republican lawmaker’s legal team.

Since then, we’ve learned a great deal about Smith, his five-year tenure as head of the public integrity unit, and what he’s been up to since then, including the overturned guilty verdicts against Republican lawmakers he was responsible for prosecuting, his association with an infamous Obama-era figure, and his wife’s relationship with Michelle Obama herself.

That glowing “war crimes prosecutor” copy was from the AP, reporting on Smith’s appointment as special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland in November of last year.

“Jack Smith told The Associated Press in an interview [in 2010] that he’d read about the Stevens case and couldn’t resist the chance to step in and run the section,” the wire service reported.

“I had a dream job and I had no desire to leave it, but opportunities like this don’t come up very often,” Smith said. “I left the dream job for a better one.”

Fox News reports that a 37-count indictment against Trump, including charges of willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and fraudulent statements, is a Democrat’s fantasy indictment.

However, isn’t Smith supposed to be objective? Even Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law expert who has frequently sided with Trump in the past, referred to it as “an extremely damning indictment” from “a serious prosecutor,” which is an entirely “different ball game” than the charges filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Trump, for his part, described Smith as a “deranged lunatic” in a Truth Social post. While that may be a touch excessive and Smith’s charges are a “different ballgame” from Bragg’s ludicrous Manhattan case, the fact that Smith is a “serious prosecutor” does not make him politically impartial.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Take, for instance, the biggest knock on Smith: his involvement with Obama-era Internal Revenue Service figure Lois Lerner and the scandal that led to her resignation.

Lerner, director of the Exempt Organizations Unit, slow-walked the approval of Tea Party-affiliated and other conservative groups before the 2012, blunting the impact they might have. As head of the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit, the Washington Examiner noted, Smith was closely involved in targeting the Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny. CONTINUE READING…

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