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What’s Tucker Carlson Doing Next? We Know Where He’s Headed to Later This Week

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Even after his career-altering departure from Fox News, Tucker Carlson is fulfilling a personal obligation.

On Thursday, the longtime ratings leader and now-former presenter of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” will attend a fundraiser in Alabama.

This fundraiser is not intended to bolster a Republican candidate’s prospects in the state primary.

Carlson is representing Rainbow Omega, a residential care facility for individuals with mental disabilities located near Oxford, Alabama, a city in the state’s northeast. The event is being held at the Oxford Performing Arts Center.

According to AL.com, Carlson’s appearance was scheduled well in advance of the news of his precipitous departure from Fox.

“He’ll be here Thursday,” Tim Hodge — the director of Rainbow Omega — told the news outlet.

“We actually booked him back last fall.”

“The timing for last week’s announcement was unexpected by anybody.”

According to Hodge, Carlson’s forced departure from Fox News has increased interest in the television personality’s appearance.

“Anytime you have a featured speaker from the world of politics, with our country’s political divide, you can bet there’s a lot of interest,” Hodge said, according to AL.com “It was kind of an unusual situation. There has been renewed interest.”

“We’re looking forward to him being here and being part of our fundraiser.”

The Oxford Performing Arts Center has approximately 1200 seats. AL.com reports that approximately 500 tickets have been sold for the Rainbow Omega fundraiser since Carlson’s departure from Fox.

Carlson’s final nightly weekday program aired on April 21, and the news of his abrupt departure was disclosed on Monday, April 24.

Although Carlson’s appearance at the fundraiser was scheduled prior to his departure from Fox, the host has indicated he intends to continue his political commentary career independently of the network.

In a video published on April 25, Carlson accused the mainstream media of suppressing dialogue critical of the American political establishment.

Carlson, who has dominated cable news ratings since replacing Bill O’Reilly at Fox’s 8 p.m. primetime schedule, has received job offers from other networks but has not spoken publicly about his future in the media.

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