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What’s Wrong with Biden’s Hands and Face in This Pic? Eagle-Eyed Social Media Users Spot Disturbing Details

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Chris D. Jackson requires the services of a PhotoShop expert.

Jackson, a Democrat strategist, is a small liberal social media figure and President Joe Biden supporter. Suffice it to say, he wants the 46th commander-in-chief of our nation to appear good.

And what better way to do it than than publishing a photograph of Biden holding Beau’s hand?

“You can just tell Baby Beau has his Pop (@POTUS) wrapped around his little finger,” Friday, Jackson shared a photo of the president, his wife, and their grandchild. He finished with a heart emoji, as testosterone is probably extinct.

Adorable. And, as one Twitter user noted, a really badly altered rendition of the original image.

“Dem strategist photoshops Biden (badly) to make him appear younger,” Twitter user John Hanson wrote. “Safe to say Dems are worried about 2024.”

And, as Hassan pointed out, the blurriness of Biden’s hand in the modified photo effectively gave the game away.

Other users noticed the hands, too:

Oh, but that’s not all: Biden’s face has contradictions.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

This would ordinarily be a tempest in a teapot, but it comes as the questions about Biden’s age are starting to butt up against the reality that, yes, our octogenarian president really does seem to want to spend another four years shuffling indolently around the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and not just as a houseguest of Ron DeSantis. CONTINUE READING…

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