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Whistleblower Video Confirms Chicago Housing Authority is Leaving Homeless Americans on the Streets in Favor of Illegal Aliens

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The homeless crisis in the United States is escalating out of control for a variety of causes, many of which are attributable to Joe Biden’s administration’s damaging policies.

Biden’s fellow Democrats in power, who similarly refuse to adopt an America First agenda, do not assist their constituents either.

Under the direction of James O’Keefe, Project Veritas has been working for quite some time on a story exposing, through government whistleblower evidence, how devastating the Democrat’s America last policy is for the most disadvantaged Americans.

Biden has not only permitted an economic battering of the United States as a whole, but the senior civil employees in Washington, D.C. have also done all in their power to hammer those already economically devastated residents with a refusal of service to assist states in assisting their inhabitants.

People report feeling abandoned by their federal, state, and municipal administrations in major American cities.

Several state governments have declined to oppose the America First agenda of the Democrats. Today we see that ignoring the needs of Americans is a priority in some areas.

As a result of Project Veritas’s study, new evidence has emerged indicating that government authorities genuinely prioritize illegal immigrants.

Tuesday, the organization published a whistleblower video revealing that the Chicago Housing Authority prioritizes illegal immigrants above destitute Americans. This event coincides with the announcement of the historic defeat of Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, as reported by Republic Brief.

And now there are even more reasons to be happy that Lightfoot is no longer in office.

A large movement of foreigners has left social agencies and law enforcement feeling overwhelmed and strained.

According to PV, here is the exchange that happened:

Americans on Streets in Favor of Migrants in Housing Application … ‘They Are Prioritizing Immigrants Over Americans’

Beatrice, Homeless Whistleblower: “The mayor [of Chicago] has not signed the bill for Americans to be permanently placed.”

Rod, Homeless Male: “They told me that those [migrant] families were a priority over us.”

Rod: “So, I was denied regular clothing. When they told me they didn’t have any — but I sat there for like, a good 30-45 minutes watching them [migrants] come out of the back with brand new stuff.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Rod: “I went to check my status for housing. I was number 20 on the list, but now it went to 67 because they had to prioritize the illegal immigrants, and I’m like, that’s so unfair. I’ve been waiting three years on this list.” CONTINUE READING…

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