White House Asked If Anything They Have Done Has Worked — Response Is Alarming

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been scrambling in desperation to answer questions for reporters on the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Last week Psaki laughably claimed Joe Biden “has rallied the world, rallied Europe, to stand up against the efforts and actions of President Putin.”

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked, “What have you guys done throughout this slow-moving Russia crisis that has worked?”

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Psaki responded, “In what capacity?”

“Well,” Doocy began, “the president talked to Putin. He talked to the G7. He threatened sanctions. He put sanctions in place. Now he says the sanctions are going to take 30 days or about a month. Do you guys think that people in Ukraine have about a month?”

Dismissing the question, Psaki scrambled, “Well, Peter, let me just take a step back and explain to everyone how diplomacy works and how our approach from the United States has worked.”

“What the president has done is he has built a global coalition to stand up in the face of President Putin and President Putin’s aggression and invasion of Ukraine,” Psaki said.

“What he has done is he has rallied the world, our European partners – even at cost to them, in some capacities – to put in place significant sanctions, historic sanctions that would have an enormous impact on the Russian financial sector.”

Watch the clip:

Despite Psaki’s claims, there isn’t a unified global coalition standing up against Russia.

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In particular, China has been playing along and backing Russia’s move into Ukraine.

The U.S. has been able to garner full support from the United Nations Security Council on a vote to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Take a look at the results:

Psaki also attempted to spin Joe Biden’s own words during a recent White House press briefing.

Biden said, “No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening.”

“That’s not exactly what he meant,” Psaki claimed weakly.

One reporter asked, “Why doesn’t President Biden want to talk to Vladimir Putin right now?”

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“Because he’s invading a sovereign country,” Psaki said before suggesting that diplomacy wouldn’t work right now.