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White House Cocaine Story Takes Another Bizarre Twist as It Changes Again

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When the news broke on Sunday that the White House had been evacuated due to a hazmat incident, the media reported that cocaine hydrochloride had been found “near the White House.” After that, it was asserted to be on the grounds of the White House. This could be anywhere, including the grounds. In addition, it was referred to as “cocaine hydrochloride,” implying that it might be an anesthetic.

The Washington Post then reported that it was found in the White House library, which is located on the ground floor of the executive residence.

The Secret Service, however, now denies the library story. According to Newsmax reporter James Rosen, contrary to earlier reports, the cocaine was discovered “in a work area in the West Wing,” not in the White House library, and it was in a “baggie” and not unsecured or concealed.

“The item was not found in the residence or in the library, so I don’t know where that came from,” a source told Rosen. “It was found in the West Wing in a work area, which is quite a distance from the mansion.”

The true issue is, therefore, who placed it there. If high-ranking aides, visitors, or employees of Joe Biden hide their belongings there. This likely disproves the theory that “some random person from a tour brought it in” if it was found in that work area location. It is reasonable to presume that the building is equipped with security cameras. Who transports illegal substances to the White House? Where are the cameras and records of those who may have participated?

As previously indicated, the left was promoting the preposterous argument that Donald Trump Jr. could be responsible because he has not been there for 2.5 years. Therefore, this was illogical. Obviously, they did so to prevent further logical deductions, namely that the item was brought in by someone with connections to Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden has spent the last several weeks in and around the White House. He attended a state dinner on June 22 and spent the next two weekends at Camp David with his father. Given that Hunter Biden is a recovering addict, many people began to speculate extensively about this.

The Secret Service is reportedly investigating who smuggled it in, but knowing how the Biden team operates, I doubt a comprehensive investigation will be conducted. If they do not wish to inform us, be on the watch for a flurry of Freedom of Information Act requests, as journalists will investigate this matter.

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