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White House In Full Panic Over Biden’s ‘Mental Fitness’ Results

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At a time when his primary opponent, former President Donald Trump, is surging in the polls, the White House is rushing to intervene to alter the narrative surrounding Joe Biden.

Trump continues to dominate the Republican field of candidates, according to a recent Harvard Harris Poll, while Biden is suffering from a growing sense that he is not sufficiently mentally fit to serve as commander-in-chief as they prepare for what appears to be an imminent rerun of their 2020 campaign.

Less than one-third of those queried in late July, 32%, believed Biden had the mental capacity to be president, while 68% questioned his mental acuity.

In the meantime, a majority of Americans favor Biden for the Democratic nomination, according to the poll. However, if he decides to step down, the poll found that Vice President Kamala Harris would be the top candidate.

If Biden remains in the contest, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will receive 16% of the vote, placing him in last place. If Biden is eliminated from the contest, Harris assumes a dominant position with 44 percent of the vote, more than doubling RFK’s 22 percent support.

The results of the survey indicate that the outcome may have an impact on the 2024 presidential election. Despite having an overall approval rating of 40%, Biden’s mental health may be the deciding factor for undecided voters. According to poll analysts, if Democrats want to guarantee Biden another term as president, they must take action on these issues.

The gap between Trump and his Republican opponents is widening, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who had long been in second place, continues to trail.

According to Florida Politics on Thursday, “Ron DeSantis has fallen behind both Donald Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy in a new national poll, the latest to show the Governor’s slide among GOP Presidential Primary voters.”

A substantial 54 percent of Republican voters, according to a Harvard poll, believe Trump will eventually earn the party’s nomination. If Trump is not selected as the nominee, DeSantis would win with 29% of the vote, followed by Ramaswamy with 19% and former vice president Mike Pence with 13%.

Trump has a five-point advantage over Biden and a nine-point advantage over Harris in hypothetical contests. In head-to-head comparisons, DeSantis is essentially tied with both Biden and Harris, according to the poll.

Former President Trump has been busy criticizing his Republican adversaries, special prosecutor Jack Smith, and Vice President Biden’s Democratic Party.

On Thursday, Trump posted on Truth Social:

“These Fake Indictments against me didn’t come down from heaven, they came from the most corrupt President in the history of the United States, Crooked Joe Biden, in order to Rig & Steal another Election. They shouldn’t even be allowed to go forward. They are all about Election Interference and getting even with the Republicans for the Congressional Hearings currently taking place that show Joe Biden is a CROOK!”

He went on to defend himself regarding his actions on January 6, 2021.

“I never asked Mike Pence to “disregard the Constitution.” Nor did I tell him that he was “too honest.” He is under great pressure and getting very bad advice from Marc “Long” and perhaps some of his other advisers. His Poll numbers have just gone down from an already anemic level. Liddle’ Mike now wants to be a tough guy. He could have had greatness, but chose another path!”

In another post he declared:

“Deranged Jack Smith has just asked for a trial on the Biden Indictment to take place on January 2nd., just ahead of the important Iowa Caucuses. Only an out of touch lunatic would ask for such a date, ONE DAY into the New Year, and maximum Election Interference with IOWA! Such a trial, which should never take place due to my First Amendment Rights, and massive BIDEN CORRUPTION, should only happen, if at all, AFTER THE ELECTION. The same with other Fake Biden Indictments. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

He went after Chris Christie as well:

“Reported that Sloppy Chris Christie said I only built 50 Miles of Wall on the Southern Border. Wrong! I built almost 500 Miles of Wall, including the fact that some very dilapidated areas had to be completely demolished with new Wall then built. He knows this but keeps repeating the lies. That is why he left New Jersey with a 9% Approval Rating, the lowest on record, and is currently polling at around 2% in the Republican Primary – with nobody showing up at his “events.” Loser!”

He finished yesterday’s posts with a comment on the sham J6 committee.

“Nobody can believe that the Unselect J-6 Committee deleted and disposed of the evidence. They knew how bad it was. Highly Illegal!”

Trump announced on Wednesday of this week that he would not sign an oath of allegiance in support of the eventual Republican nominee.

To be eligible to partake in the initial primary debate, which will air on Fox News on August 23, all candidates must sign the vow.

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