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White House Makes Announcement About Hunter Pardon After He’s Hit With 9 NEW Charges

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Concerning the recent indictment of First Son Hunter Biden and the likelihood that President Joe Biden would grant his son a pardon, inquiries were directed to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Hunter Biden was indicted on nine counts of federal tax offenses by Special Counsel David Weiss of the Department of Justice on Thursday. The case will be presided over by Mark Scarsi, a federal district court judge who was appointed by Trump.

Abbe Lowell, attorney for Hunter Biden, accused the Department of Justice of discriminatory prosecution in a statement, stating that “had Hunter’s surname not been Biden, charges would not have been brought in Delaware and California.”

On Friday, as the president boarded Air Force One, correspondents were unable to pose the full question due to the distance and the noise of the engines as they attempted to elevate their voices.

The Friday press briefing at the White House, colloquially referred to as a “gaggle,” took place on Air Force One. The Q&A session was initiated by NSC spokesman John Kirby, and Jean-Pierre responded to inquiries.

A reporter followed up on her inquiry concerning the supplemental funding measure under negotiation by seeking clarification on whether President Biden’s previous pledge to withhold a pardon from Hunter remained valid in light of the newly levied charges.

Q One more on this. Only because you’ve said it before, I just want to re-up in — in light of these new charges. You’ve said before that the President would not pardon his son. Is that still the case?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Nothing has changed. That is still the case.

Q Also, on the supplemental, Congress has left town without a supplemental bill — without any progress on the supplemental bill. The administration has said that this needs to be done before year’s end. What is the President doing to engage on this?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: I mean, look, the President spoke pretty — pretty clearly about this the other day and made the case about how Congress needs to — needs to support Ukraine and — so it can fight against Putin. You heard him say that just two days ago, and that is certainly the case.

Look, Senate Republicans needs to stop playing chicken with our national security. That’s what they need to stop doing. They need to — they need to — to compromise. They need to have a conversation and compromise so that we can get this done and make sure that we’re taking care of our national security.

We have been, obviously, in touch with nego- — with negotiators on the Hill. We’re providing technical support. That is something that I — we’ve said before, but — and the President has said that he’s willing to compromise. He is. He’s willing to compromise, but they can’t play chicken with our national security. They cannot do that.

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