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White House Makes Major Admission About Visitor Logs for Biden’s Delaware Home

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Since it was originally disclosed that Joe Biden had unlawfully stolen and held secret material after leaving office as vice president, the narrative has continued to develop. As of this writing, papers have been “found” in four distinct sites, including numerous caches at the president’s Delaware residence.

Consequently, many have asked the obvious question. Specifically, who had access to them prior to their removal? As revealed by RedState, we are aware that Hunter Biden represented the property as his residence during the relevant time period, claiming to pay roughly $50,000 per month in “rent” on a background check. Obviously, there would have been other guests.

Peter Doocy of Fox News probed the administration on the topic on Thursday and received the runaround, with Karine Jean-Pierre just repeating a scripted talking point regarding White House visitor records. Now, Biden’s special counsel has informed the public that the logs do not exist.

That is rather convenient, wouldn’t you say? Despite the fact that Biden has spent almost 40 percent of his presidency at his house in Delaware, the Secret Service has kept no documentation of who has entered or left. Therefore, it is impossible to determine who had access to the secret materials and who did not.

Obviously, this presupposes that the White House is speaking the truth, and considering how corruptly this entire tale has unfolded, I would not even begin to give them the benefit of the doubt. That the DOJ continues to let Biden’s attorneys to run the show, being the ones to “search” for new papers and make the decision on visitor logs, is a significant miscarriage of justice, a profound double standard that raises many questions about what is happening behind the scenes.

The media response to all of this must also be analyzed. In 2017, when Donald Trump stated that Mar-a-Lago guest records did not exist, the press had a field day accusing him of lying. Eventually, the previous president was sued and compelled to provide the existing documents. However, Biden provides the same justification and the audience shrugs.

Actually, I retract my statement. The press has written on the visitor logs at Biden’s house in Delaware, but they have portrayed it as Republicans being hypocrites for seeking them but not Trump’s. Because everything must revolve around the man in orange.

Ultimately, the DOJ must determine whether it wishes to uphold the law or continue to be a politicized organization. If the former, Biden’s attorneys must be removed and FBI investigators must inspect the president’s residences and offices. Additionally, the Secret Service should be subpoenaed for any visitor logs that the White House is concealing. Will any of this transpire? No, that won’t happen, but one may hope.

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