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White House Post of Graph Bragging About Inflation Going Down Completely Blows Up in Its Face

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The Biden administration, a never-ending source of inadvertent humor that would be humorous in a different context, is at it again.

The latest White House self-own came in the form of a graph posted to Twitter on Tuesday with the title “Inflation Has Fallen by More Than Half” — followed by the words “Since last summer.”

“Great news: Today’s inflation report shows annual inflation is now at the lowest level since March 2021, and less than half of what it was last June,” the White House tweet said.

“This is giving families real breathing room,” it said.

Twitter users rapidly decoded the graph’s true meaning using a combination of statistics and sarcasm.

“Great news! We’re stealing marginally less from your paycheck through inflation than we were stealing before,” Grabien founder Tom Elliott said.

Conservative commentator Steve Guest also mocked the White House’s celebratory announcement, saying, “The admin points out that the moment Joe Biden took office, inflation took off!”

Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania posted an identical chart under a different title: “Record Inflation Under President Biden,” with the smaller text changed to “Since Entering White House.”

Numerous others reacted to the graph with humor and contempt.

All of these responses demonstrate the White House’s comical temerity in attempting to put lipstick on a pig of a record.

In 2022, administration officials were ambivalent about the issue of inflation, and their media lapdogs acted as if nothing was amiss. Now, administration officials are pleased to report that the issue that their media allies assured you was not an issue is improving.

Sadly, a single line in the White House’s tweet puts an end to the hilarity. “This is giving families real breathing room,” it said.

The notion that the Biden administration or virtually anyone in Washington would profess to care about families is incredibly offensive to the average American.

Thank you, White House and its allies, for providing us with “real breathing room” as you commit billions of dollars to the Ukraine conflict.

Thank you for the “real breathing room” provided by the exploding national debt and the plunder of the money of our great-grandchildren.

Thank you for providing us with “real breathing room” as we observe the counties adjacent to the nation’s capital become ever more prosperous at our expense.

If it were false, it would be humorous.

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