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Whoopi Goldberg Creamed by Holocaust Survivor

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Less than a year ago, she was fired from her position on “The View” and required to provide an apology.

However, her viewpoint has not altered at all.

Whoopi Goldberg is currently receiving a well-deserved reprimand from the most knowledgeable individuals.

The ABC celebrity, who has been inflicting her arrogance and stupidity on the American people for 15 years from her perch on “The View,” made headlines in January with her ludicrously uninformed remark that “race” had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

The subsequent controversy resulted in her being removed from the set for two weeks, despite her on-air apologies, but it turned out that her “apology” was hollow words.

Because in a weekend interview with the British newspaper The Sunday Times, Goldberg demonstrated that her understanding of history remains skewed by the current American liberal obsession with skin color, claiming that the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jewish people during the Holocaust had nothing to do with “race.” Even if the Nazis themselves had contrary views.

The reception was comparable to the first time.

One of the most effective responses came from Holocaust survivor Lucy Lipiner, author of “Long Journey Home: A Young Girl’s Memory of Surviving the Holocaust.”. She accused Goldberg of employing the Holocaust as a “punching bag” to advance her progressive political agenda.

“Whoopi Goldberg continues to use the Holocaust as her punching bag,” Lipiner wrote.

“We told her that her comments harm us and she simply doesn’t care. I survived the Nazis and the Holocaust, so I’ll be damned if I let a comedy has-been, peddling a fake Jewish name get the better of me.”

There are several ways to characterize Goldberg, but “comedy has-been peddling a fake Jewish name” must be among the finest.

Goldberg’s acting and entertainment history is sketchy. And as a comedian (“Sister Act,” etc.) it is tough to think of anything about her that’s actually funny (even counting the “whoopee cushion” joke). “Goldberg” is a stage name for the woman born Caryn Elaine Johnson.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

(“She claims to have taken her stage name from a distant Jewish ancestor,” the Times’ Janice Turner wrote. However, Goldberg appears to have no actual Jewish ancestry, according to a February report in the Jewish Telegraph Agency. Other, unconfirmed reports indicate that “Johnson” was “not Jewish enough” for a career in show business, according to a Jewish Chronicle report from 2011.)

Another way of describing her is as a woman too ignorant to know what she doesn’t know — and too arrogant, apparently, to care.

The Times interview was part of a publicity campaign for the movie “Till,” about the case of a black teenager whose brutal murder in 1955 galvanized the civil rights movement. Given the topic, it’s not surprising Goldberg was focused on American racism. CONTINUE READING…

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