Whoopi Goldberg’s 1993 ‘Anti-Semitic’ Joke Recipe Comes Back to Haunt Her

Whoopi Goldberg, whose name was Caryn Johnson before changing it, has been under the microscope following her disturbing comments about the Holocaust.

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In 1993, Goldberg submitted a recipe called “Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken” for a charity cookbook. The recipes feature a step-by-step process for creating the dish with off-color anecdotes in jest.

She faced severe backlash at the time by the Anti-Defamation League, which called it “insulting” and “anti-Semitic.”

“It’s a lousy recipe with insensitive and anti-Semitic ingredients,” the organization, lead by National Director Abraham Foxman, said at the time.

“Whoopi should know better,” he said in 1993.

“She needs some sensitivity training, unfortunately. The good people who published it need some sensitivity training too,” he added.

Fast-forward to 2022, Goldberg needs much more than “sensitivity training.” She needs to be permanently removed from cable television for being monumentally ignorant, stupid, and jaw-droppingly offensive.

Goldberg argued at length that the Holocaust was a white-on-white crime.

“The Holocaust is not about race,” she says. “These are two white groups of people.”

Even after her weak apology, Whoopi appeared to double-down while appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show as she argued, “I think of race as being something I can see.”

She is totally ignorant of the fact that Hitler called the Germans a “master race” and that according to classic Nazi doctrine, Jews constituted a “subhuman Asiatic race.”

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Goldberg’s recipe reportedly says. “Have your cook 1) Melt equal parts oil and butter 3/4 deep in skillet over moderate heat.”

“2) Put flour, seasoned with remaining ingredients, into brown paper bag. 3) Rinse chicken parts and place in bag.”

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“Then you tightly close top of bag (watch your nails) and shake 10 times.

“Hand bag to Cook, go dress for dinner. While you dress, have Cook preheat oven to 350 degrees and brown chicken slowly in skillet. When evenly browned, have Cook place chicken in dish in oven. Have Cook prepare rest of meal while you touch up your makeup.

“In about half an hour, voila! Dinner is served! You must be exhausted,” Goldberg’s recipe concludes.