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Why Was FBI Counterintelligence Involved With The Seth Rich Case?

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Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson authored an in-depth piece posing the topic of why FBI counterintelligence was involved in the July 2016 murder cold case of a DNC employee.

Recent events have demonstrated to Johnson, according to his knowledge, that the FBI was in fact attempting to prevent the rise of a conservative populist movement in the United States.

“The stunning revelations from the Twitter files thanks to the work of Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss is, providing irrefutable proof that the FBI was working to prevent the election of Donald Trump. When it comes to “Election Interference,” it was the FBI, not Russia,” Johnson, a former official in the State Department counterintelligence office, wrote.

Johnson, who is also a contributor to Gateway Pundit, provided further information:

The data thus far reveal that the FBI provided Twitter with guidance regarding the 2020 presidential campaign. I think that subsequent leaks will offer proof that the FBI and CIA collaborated to destroy Donald Trump and prevent his election.

We know for certain that the FBI’s Washington Field Office was in contact with the FBI’s Counterintelligence section through email and telephone in regards to Seth Rich. Foreign participation is the only reason the FBI Counter Intelligence branch would be engaged in an alleged case of a routine murder following an attempted robbery of Seth Rich. The FBI is attempting to conceal this truth.

Why is the FBI stonewalling so vehemently to conceal their conversations concerning Seth Rich and the suspected Russian hacking of the DNC? Because Russia did not hack the Democratic National Committee. This is not my perspective. Several cyber security professionals have reached the conclusion that Guccifer 2.0 was a fictitious identity created by Russian Military Intelligence, also known as the GRU, based on a claim made by the discredited Special Counsel, Robert Mueller – namely, that Guccifer 2.0 was a fictional identity created by the GRU. If the GRU had created Guccifer 2.0, forensic evidence should indicate that this entity was functioning from Russia or under the direct supervision of GRU-affiliated groups.

Meta data is one sort of forensic evidence. What is meta data? This is a geek slang term for the actual information or code that is written by a word processor program into a document when it is generated. This information provides the date and time the document was generated or edited, among other things. It indicates who authored the document.

An study of the Guccifer 2.0 papers reveals that the documents’ meta data were modified intentionally to plant Russian fingerprints. This was not an oversight nor the result of negligence on the part of a computer operator.

Guccifer 2.0 was, as stated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a “fictious online persona. ” However, he is incorrect in his assertion that Guccifer 2.0 was created by the Russian Military Intelligence. Guccifer 2.0 looks to be an invention of the CIA and was part of a larger strategy to portray Donald Trump as Vladimir Putin’s puppet.

Since the beginning of the internet era, Russia and the United States have engaged in cyber espionage and covert action against one other. Cyber operations are conducted inside the U.S. Intelligence Community by the NSA, the CIA, and the DIA, to name three of the more notable agencies. These operations are commonly referred to by the term CNO, which stands for Computer Network Operations.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

CNOs are classified at the highest level in the United States and normally are handled within special restricted categories commonly known as SAPs (i.e, Special Access Programs). A critical element of these kinds of operations is to avoid leaving any fingerprints or clues that would enable the activity to be traced back to the United States. But this is not unique to the United States. All professional intelligence services around the world understand and practice this principle—leave no evidence behind that proves you were there. CONTINUE READING…

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