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Widow Of Former Fox News CEO Slams Network

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The widow of Fox News founder Roger Ailes is outraged by what has become of her husband’s legacy in the wake of the dismissal of anchor Tucker Carlson and network adjustments intended to conceal it from further scrutiny following its landmark lawsuit settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. These network reforms were intended to shield it from future scrutiny.

During an interview on Newsmax, Elizabeth Ailes elaborated on her most recent tweet, in which she wrote, “It took you 20 years to build Fox News into the powerhouse that it was and only 6 years for the Murdochs to wreak havoc. Rupert thought he could do your job. What a joke. He has the checkbook but could never come close to your genius.”


“I think I caused quite a stir because for one thing I told the truth. Truth is in short supply today. As you know it did take Roger 20 years to build the channel, and he never once had his hand off the wheel… I decided to make it clear that Rupert thought he could do Roger’s job… He had the checkbook but he could never hold a candle to Roger’s genius.”

When asked if she believed that Fox had moved toward the center or even to the left due to Murdoch’s two sons, she responded that she did not concur. Elizabeth Ailes indicated that the network is presently attempting to appeal to “CNN viewers.”

“The sons, Lachlan and James, had decided they wanted Roger gone, and Roger said to me, ‘These useless kids, Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber, are going to ruin the channel and turn it into CNN,’” Ailes said.

Elizabeth Ailes stated to Newsmax that her husband would have never dismissed Tucker Carlson. Roger Ailes was primarily responsible for establishing Fox News Channel as a conservative media leader.

“It did take Roger 20 years to build the channel, and he never once had his hand off the wheel,” she said Thursday on “Eric Bolling The Balance” “He had his 8 o’clock call, his 2:30 meeting, and he was always in touch even on a rare day that he might take a day off.”

She stated that, as with Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes would have been involved in how Tucker Carlson “positioned his shows” whenever something controversial or significant occurred. He was always in tune with the talent, never telling them what to do or how to express something, but rather keeping everyone in their lane, if you will.

Since Carlson was fired from Fox, many viewers have converted to alternative conservative news sources, particularly Newsmax, according to Elizabeth Ailes, who claims to have spoken with Carlson “a few times” since his termination.

She claimed that although Carlson had not revealed his future intentions, she had attempted to provide him “insight into what I think is going to happen next because not many people have survived the attacks that the Murdochs unleash on those that once brought them great fame and fortune.”

In July of 2016, a number of female Fox employees, including on-air anchors Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Tantaros, accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, prompting the network to dismiss him and force him out of his position. Murdoch issued a statement in which he defended the decision to dismiss the network’s president. According to him, “Fox News has given a voice to those who were ignored by traditional networks and has been one of the great commercial success stories of modern media.”

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