Wisconsin City Just Caught In Massive Illegal Ballot Scheme

Not surprisingly, Wisconsin law provides that it is “illegal absentee ballot harvesting” for a municipal clerk to receive multiple ballots from an individual voter in the clerk’s office.

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Normally, the only legally permissible methods of delivery of absentee ballots are personally delivering one’s own absentee ballot to the clerk or personally mailing it.

A new legal complaint has been filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission claiming that the city clerk of Green Bay participated in illegal absentee ballot harvesting during a local election on April 5, 2022.

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The clerk, Celestine Jeffreys, is alleged to have received multiple ballots from individuals several times”.

The recent complaint, which joins others pertaining to the election process in Wisconsin, has been filed by the Thomas More Society.

The Epoch Times reported that, in a seemingly blatant contradiction of the law, “Several voters reported seeing City Clerk Celestine Jeffreys accepting multiple absentee ballots from the hand of a single person several times, according to Erick Kaardal, special counsel with the Thomas More Society, a not-for-profit public interest law firm.

Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, a Democrat, appointed Jeffreys to her current post. ‘This is ballot harvesting and it is illegal,’ Kaardal said in a statement.”

The complaint (pdf), cited as Roeser v. Jeffreys, against Jeffreys was filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission on April 21 on behalf of witness Matt Roeser, a voter residing in Green Bay, according to the Thomas More Society. The complaint also identifies Janet Argus and Victoria J. Linssen as witnesses.

“The action is galling enough in and of itself but when the voters who observed Clerk Jeffreys engaging in this illegal act challenged her, Jeffreys replied that it was her ‘discretion’ to do so,” Kaardal said, The Epoch Times reported.

“One of the voters addressed Jeffreys, stating ‘You don’t have the discretion. The law doesn’t allow multiple ballots.’ Jeffreys then countered with the words, ‘I have the discretion. I’m taking the ballots.’”

The Epoch Times continued, “A voter then approached Green Bay City Attorney Joanne Bungert to inquire about the city clerk’s acceptance of multiple absentee ballots from an individual voter. Bungert responded that it was a gray area and that Jeffreys did have discretion to accept multiple absentee ballots from an individual voter.”

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Kaardal disputes this legal take. “There is nothing gray about Wisconsin’s election law,” he explained. “The clerk’s actions are patently illegal. What’s worse about it is the potential effect on the outcome of some very close elections that were decided via the April 5 ballot.”

Kaardal was referring to the elections in Green Bay City Council District 3 and District 6, in which the victorious candidates squeaked by with a margin of 2.2 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively.

That’s a difference of only 23 votes for District 3’s winning candidate, Bill Morgan, and a mere 11 votes for Steve Campbell, who secured the win in District 6, the attorney pointed out.

“In the context of close elections, questionable, and in this case illegal, actions by election officials can tilt an election in favor of one candidate over the other candidates,” the complaint states.

Kaardal said that such narrow victories are always a target for challenges and noted that questionable, and in this case, illegal, actions by election officials can “upset the apple cart” regardless of the numbers.

“Seriously, if a small group of voters observed multiple instances of illegal activity by the City Clerk of Green Bay, how many occurrences went unseen? Clerk Jeffreys’ decision to act in a manner contrary to the law has jeopardized the election for everyone. She has risked the integrity of the vote and violated the trust of Wisconsin voters,” The Times reported.

The Epoch Times reached out to Jeffreys for comment but had not received a reply as of press time.

Complaints and investigations have been ongoing in Wisconsin since the 2020 elections.

The Thomas More Society has filed multiple complaints pertaining to the 2020 elections, along with Wisconsin Voter Alliance, and The Amistad Project.

A group of five residents including the Chairman of the Republican Party of Brown County filed a complaint about the use of grant funding to facilitate elections, specifically a grant funded by major contributions from Mark Zuckerberg.

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Millions of dollars were given through that grant to 218 Wisconsin municipalities, The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported.

In January of this year, Wisconsin Public Radio reported, “More government employees and election officials including information technology workers in Madison and Green Bay and the Green Bay city clerk have been served with subpoenas in as ongoing Republican backed investigation of the 2020 election in Wisconsin.”

In March, fox11online.com reported that “For Green Bay’s primary election in February there were contradicting reports for when city officials found out the wrong time was posted for counting absentee ballots.” Fox also reported that when it sent reporters to investigate in person, the results were inconclusive.