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‘Woke’ Bank Getting Biden ‘Bailout’ Was a Massive Contributor to Black Lives Matter

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On Capitol Hill, treason is a result of the elected workers. They work tirelessly to impoverish the American citizen in order to aid their friends and foreign partners in schemes that compelled our forefathers to defend their freedoms.

Lately, banks that helped individuals fund dishonest social justice groups who do not produce any products other than bogus ‘woke ideology’ have failed, meaning that investors in social justice enterprises with little economic value have lost money.

Using these identical techniques for decades, the Democrats and RINOS in Washington, D.C. have progressively crushed the middle class, bankrupting them and denying them opportunity to make their own way in the country.

It is a two-tiered economic structure in America.

One in which the elite have all the parties, while the commoners pay all the expenses and clean up the mess afterwards.

Go no farther than the “Woke” ideology, which the players in Washington, D.C. use to convince Americans that it’s OK to be poor as long as they embrace homosexuality and deviant sexual behaviors or race riots.

Now banks are failing after funding the Woke liberated party, which the majority of Americans despise. Here is how we got here.

According to specialists such as economist Steve Cortes, Biden’s irresponsible actions and inebriated spending on ludicrous plans produced inflation.

Analysts, such as Cortes, attribute the present economic problem on Biden’s Bond program, which began under Barack Obama under the name Build America Bonds.

In 2021, the AP claimed that Biden revived the catastrophic scheme.

“Federally subsidized Build America Bonds will return as part of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion-plus infrastructure package, ” the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee chairman said on Thursday.

Richard Neal, a Democrat who will play a key role in shaping legislation for the plan, said he obtained assurances from U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen that the bonds and specific tax credit measures will be included.”

Tuesday in the War Room, Steve Bannon and Cortes discussed our current predicament and lay the blame on at the feet of Biden, the omnibus spending, and his RINO enablers:

Kyle Becker of Trending Politics provided further facts of what Cortes describes as the inebriated spending that necessitated the current Biden Bailout of Woke Bank, demonstrating just how the ideal team there self-destructed:

“Silicon Valley Bank, the Woke bank that went belly up, only to be seized and shuttered by the Feds, was a major donor to the discredited activist group “Black Lives Matter.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

So the bank was a lousy investor- because why would they invest in a group that doesn’t make anything and everyone knew was corrupt as heck? CONTINUE READING…

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