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Woke Disney Employees Get a Rude Awakening When New CEO Tells Them Where He’s Steering the Ship

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In an internal company town hall, the returning CEO of entertainment giant Walt Disney Co. appeared to concede that the firm will move away from politically biased left-leaning programming.

Tuesday, Christopher Rufo, a writer and filmmaker, uploaded a video of Disney CEO Bob Iger stating his intention to pull back on political content.

“Do I like the company being embroiled in controversy? Of course not. It can be distracting and it can have a negative impact on the company. And to the extent that I can work to quiet things down, I’m going to do that,” Iger remarked, making a reference to Disney’s participation on the left wing of the American cultural war.

Disney’s woke programming has not only harmed the company’s reputation with consumers, but also strained its relationship with a crucial state for its bottom line.

During the town hall, Iger expressed sadness that Disney had become Florida’s nemesis.

“I was sorry to see us dragged into that battle,” he stated in another tape that Rufo uploaded.

The company’s dispute with Florida over the Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits the sexual indoctrination of young kids, has prompted the executive to state, “And I have no idea exactly what its ramifications are in terms of the business itself.”

Iger appeared to emphasize his desire to restore Disney’s reputation in the Sunshine State.

“What I can say is, the state of Florida has been important to us for a long time, and we have been very important to the state of Florida,” he said. “That is something I’m extremely mindful of and will articulate if I get the chance.”

The CEO, who returned as Disney’s leader after Bob Chapek’s dismissal, pushed back against the concept that everything released is “political.”

“I think that some of the subjects that have proven to be controversial as it relates to Disney have been branded political, and I don’t necessarily believe they are,” Iger argued.

The multibillion-dollar entertainment company’s demise was precipitated by Disney’s attack on the state over the parental rights bill.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The company has shown a willingness to market content charged with pro-LGBT themes to minors, even to the extent that some American conservatives have decided to boycott the company.

Amid the fight over the Florida legislation, Disney executives were seen pushing such programming in videos shared by Rufo. CONTINUE READING…

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