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Woke Mob Calls For Boycott Of Guy Fieri Because He Said Hi To Trump At MMA Event

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The progressive mob/Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd is at it again, demanding for the cancellation of a celebrity’s appearance because they disapprove of who he said hello to.

You understand what this signifies. We must support the celebrity because there are more of us and we have a better chance of winning.

Guy Fieri, who most of us recognize from his Food Network series Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, attended an MMA event in Las Vegas over the weekend. Former President Donald Trump was present as well.

Fieri had the opportunity to say hello to Trump, so he did, and photos of the interaction began circulating on social media. Those on the right applauded the meeting, while those on the left, as they are wont to do, lost their minds.

As evidenced by their Twitter screeches, those on the left are enraged.

When the left calls for a boycott, we must respond by taking the opposite action. Grocery Games, one of Fieri’s programs on the Food Network with weekly new episodes, is an example of this.

The woman below claims to have been a former Republican.

“I have watched Guy Fieri for many years. I loved Dinner’s Drive In’s and Dives. My granny Ruby always said “you are known by the company you keep.” I now know who Guy Fieri is by the company he keeps. I will no longer watch any of his shows on The Food Network.”

Oddly enough, one well known Twitter leftist said the outrage was uncalled for.

Brian Krassenstein, a popular leftist, stated:

“The outrage directed at Guy Fieri that I see from people here on Twitter because he was seen standing next to Trump, is a bit ridiculous. Over 60 million Americans voted for Trump. Ostracizing anyone who is seen near him, voted for him or associates with him in any way, is the best way to ensure he is re-elected. I live in Florida. If I ostracized everyone who liked Trump i’d have few friends and half my business contacts. It’s one thing to not vote for the guy. It’s irrational though to treat those who did as lepers. Please stop with the irrational outrage.”

Of course, very few of his fellow Dem/leftists feel the same.

According to Newsweek, “Former president Donald Trump met with celebrities including TV presenter Guy Fieri and director Mel Gibson at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Las Vegas. The interactions prompted mixed reactions online.”


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