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Woke Target Funding Anti-White Marxist Organization That Wants To Destroy America’s Military

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With its children’s lines of pro-trans and pro-gay apparel, retail behemoth Target has been stretching the envelope. Previously, Target was known as the go-to store for everything among the urban population. Fox Business reports that the public backlash has put Target at a financial disadvantage, as the company has lost over $13 billion since the displays went up.

The public and parental outcry over the prominently displayed children’s clothing has prompted some Target locations to transfer the children’s clothing display to the rear of the store, but they have not removed the items despite losing enormous amounts of money.

Consequently, the LGBT community’s reaction to Target’s decision to listen to its customers has placed the retailer between a rock and a hard place from a business standpoint. However, the cat is now out of the bag.

It is now evident that Target’s woke efforts extend beyond promoting sexually explicit swimwear and other dubious products on juveniles. According to reports, they also support organizations that despise Jews, the United States military, and Mount Rushmore.

Fox News disclosed that Target’s nonprofit foundation, which is overseen by the retail giant’s senior corporate treasurers, provides funding to NDN Collective. The NDN Collective is a Marxist group that promotes anti-military, anti-Semitic, and anti-white causes. This entails closing Mount Rushmore and other public lands and giving them away in order to “truly dismantle white supremacy.”

Here is what NDN Collective says in full about Mount Rushmore:

The closure of Mount Rushmore, return of that land and all public lands in the Black Hills, South Dakota is our cornerstone battle. Not only does Mount Rushmore sit in the heart of the sacred Black Hills, but it is an international symbol of White supremacy and colonization.

To genuinely dismantle white supremacy and oppressive systems, we must return to their origins. Which, for us, means returning Indigenous Lands to Indigenous control.

The group also portrays the U.S. military as the antagonist in relation to Mount Rushmore:

The U.S. military is in the explicit business of taking land away from communities all around the world and using their presence on their land to carry out their own agenda for the inhabitants of that area. Violence is fundamental for the U.S. to maintain its presence, and the military is how they establish dominance domestically and internationally, wherever they may be.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The origin of the U.S. military and police is rooted in the establishment of informal militias composed of newly arrived settlers looking to make money and own land. The purpose of these informal militias however was not to keep the police or protect citizens, but to clear the land of as many Natives as possible by killing indiscriminately, and catching runaway enslaved Africans. CONTINUE READING…

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