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Your Taxes At Work: Biden Admin Spends $700K to Keep ‘Boys’ From Getting Pregnant

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In all honesty, a sum of seven hundred dollars is a negligible amount in comparison to the federal budget. Probably, the Army invests more in lavatory benches. Almost certainly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have devoted that much to determine whether the Catholic Church will grant sainthood to Anthony Fauci before he passes away. Such are the peanuts.

Nonetheless, are you aware of the amount of money the government has spent historically to prevent adolescent males from becoming pregnant? Zero.

Due to the fact that adolescent males do not become pregnant, or at least this perception persisted until the enlightened year of our Lord 2023, it became necessary to allocate nearly a million dollars towards research aimed at preventing unintended pregnancies among adolescent “boys.”

The Daily Caller reported on Thursday that the Department of Health and Human Services under the administration of President Joe Biden awarded a $698,736 grant to the Center for Innovative Public Health Research.

The health technology industry is the focus of the nonprofit organization’s website, which explains why it will implement a text-message-based program to “address social and structural influences of sexual behavior” among females who identify as boys and are aged 14 to 18.

A description of the grant program on USASpending.gov describes it as an “inclusive teen pregnancy prevention program for transgender boys — youth who are assigned female at birth (AFAB) and identify as transgender (e.g., as non-binary or as trans boys), not as girls.”

These individuals, the grant recipient states, “are at risk for negative sexual health outcomes yet are effectively excluded from sexual health programs because gender-diverse youth do not experience the cisgender, heteronormative teen sexual education messaging available to them as salient or applicable.

“This lack of programming is likely contributing to obstacles to sexual health: Data suggest that AFAB trans-identified youth may be less likely to use condoms when having sex with people who have penises and are at least as likely as cisgender girls to be pregnant,” the grant description continues.

“This health inequity must be addressed. Access to inclusive sexual education, condoms, and sexual support can vary widely across regions of the U.S., and within states for those living in rural versus urban settings. This is particularly true now that states have more influence on adolescents’ access to sexual health services and gender-affirming care.”

The group plans to use a platform called Girl2Girl — “a text messaging-based sexual health program designed for cisgender sexual minority girls 14-18 years of age” — to address this perfidious inequity. With your tax dollars, of course.

Furthermore, focus groups will “identify and give voice to the contexts that affect sexual decision making” that these transgender girls face. So-called “content advisory teams” will formulate messaging that “resonates with these youth.”

Then, they will “test the resulting adaptation in a national [randomized controlled trial] of 700 trans-identified AFAB youth 14-18 years of age.”

Thus, this is indeed peanuts. Furthermore, it is a frivolous use of peanuts.

In the context of an indirect object instruction, this may prove to be beneficial. A contradiction remains concealed beneath the elitist terminology of gender ideology’s highest authorities, which no amount of obfuscation can eradicate: males do not become impregnated. The fundamental principles of human biology continue to be unchallenged.

However, a number of issues arise in this context. One primary consideration is that peanuts have the potential to accumulate. Consider that the National Institutes of Health, under the Biden administration, has already allocated more than $200,000 for a “Online Mentoring Program to Prevent Adversities Among Trans and Other Gender Minority Youth,” which matched LGBT-identifying youth with “mentors” to promote “social-emotional skills” among that group, according to the Daily Caller.

“Few mentoring programs exist specifically for TGMY, and those that do have not been rigorously evaluated” and “often require guardian permission,” the application for the grant stated.

The Daily Caller also noted that “HHS also gave over $1 million to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in August 2022 to study the risk of thrombosis, the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels which can lead to death, in transgender adolescents receiving sex change hormonal therapies, federal grant records show.”

While that final allocation might have been beneficial, it might have been more fruitful to investigate the consequences of these medications prior to administering them to juveniles. Contrarily, we are informed that the use of puberty blockers and hormones on children is potentially fatal. Would you rather have a deceased daughter or a living son? You, transphobe, are you?

In fact, although this $700,000 grant appears to be irrational, it conceals a genuine evil. Teenagers are undergoing unproven medical and psychological treatments without regard to their safety or efficacy, and our tax dollars are being used to subsidize these practices. Possibly, that money, however insignificant it may appear, would be better spent instructing bureaucrats in Biology 101 rather than devising methods to prevent adolescent “boys” from becoming impregnated.

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